Why All Vapers Should Visit a Vape Lounge

“Vape lounges. What’s next? A vape cult?” an average vaper could think if someone told them about the worldwide trend of vape cafés. But the truth is that every vaper should definitely visit a vape lounge at least once in their life.

Though it was just recently when we first saw vape cafés opening their doors on a large scale, this is not a trend that’s new to the community. The first vape lounge opened in London two years ago, and, since then, more and more just keep popping up all around the globe. And this is why you should definitely find one near you:

A Perfect Introduction

If you are a new vaper and you need more information about your new hobby, the perfect solution for you may be to visit a vape lounge. You will meet all the people you may need to guide you through the first steps of your vaping journey and they will definitely be more than happy to provide you with all the answers a newbie desperately needs.

There is a Community Behind Vaping

There still is a misunderstanding of vaping and the FDA Deeming Rule has definitely played a part. You have certainly noticed people judging you just by looking at you when you vape, making your whole night less fun. In a vaping lounge, this never happens.

So, forget about those weird looks you get when you take a puff in a public space and just keep enjoying your favorite e-liquid that best matches your coffee flavor. Say goodbye to all those who don’t know that what you are exhaling is pure vapor and just mingle with your new potential friends with whom you share a hobby. Who knows? They might be useful!

Vape Lounges Are Great for Tips Seekers

If you were into baseball, you would be seeking baseball tips at a baseball field. If you were a bookworm, you would ask about the latest must-reads at the library. That’s exactly why vape cafés are great for anyone who wants to learn more about the latest vaping trends or the community in general.

Do you want to know what sub-ohm vaping is? What the transition from a vape pen to a mod feels like? What e-liquids best match your device? How to get started with your DIY e-liquids? Just ask the guy at the next table. There’s a 99% chance he will be happy to let you know — just as the people working at the lounge will definitely take care of you.

It is Training to Become a Sophisticated Vaper

You know those vapers who constantly look for the best ways to get the most out of their vaping devices and hold all the answers to any question that might come up? They will pair specific e-liquids with specific foods, or vape a specific flavor while drinking a specific cocktail. In fact, this is a process sophisticated vapers are used to, and they don’t just want to get on your nerves; they like what they like.

Visiting a vape café will definitely turn you into a more sophisticated version of your vaping self, and it will guide you on the path to becoming the best vaper you could ever be.

So, have you ever visited a vape lounge or a vape café? Was it fun for you? Let us know in the comments section below and be the “helpful vaper.” The kind that everyone actually wants to hang out with.



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