Vaper Personalities: What Type Are You?

Vaper Personalities: What Type Are You?

While some media outlets try to relegate vaping to a sub-culture, real vapers know that we’re a varied and diverse bunch of enthusiasts. But, there do seem to be some distinct classifications of E-cigarette users.

From Rookies to Divas to Mixologists, here are the six most common vaper personalities:

The Rookie

You just dipped your toe into the vaping waters. It’s likely that you’d already tried those disposable E-cigs at your local convenience store, but now you’ve bought your first vaporizer and graduated to Rookie Vaper. The variety of E-liquid and device styles are intimidating, so you stick to the familiar – the closer to analogs (traditional cigarettes) the better. You opt for a cartomizer system, like the G6 E-cigarette (Classic White style of course!), and you only buy pre-filled, authentic tobacco Prime 15 cartomizers.

While you might feel like a trespasser every time you set foot in your local vape shop, you shouldn’t. All the pros and hard-core vapers secretly envy you. You’re discovering vaping for the first time and embarking on one helluva fun journey.

The Advocate Vaper

A natural salesman, you live by the ABCs: Always Be Converting. You convert smokers to vapers like it’s your life’s work. You carry disposable mouthpiece protectors with you at all times so you can safely allow non-vapers to sample your E-cigarette and E-liquid. You patrol the outdoor smoking sections at work, restaurants, and concerts just so you can show smokers how much better life is for vapers.

Of course, you’ve handled your fair share of rejection from people who have yet to see the light, but all your hard work is well worth it if you can convince just one person to trade their analogs for E-cigs.

The Mixologist Vaper

Why have one of anything, when you can have more? It not indecision, it’s creativity! You have never bought multiple bottles of the same E-liquid (boring!) and you almost always order a brand new flavor with every purchase. You’ve gotten so good at mixing flavors like Sub ZERO and Tiki Juice together that you’ve sent your personal concoctions to E-liquid manufacturers, requesting that they produce and sell your new mix. You can’t help but imagine the day when you can open your own little mix shop.

You love mixing so much, you’ve already decided you’re two or more of the personalities on this list!

The Specialist Vaper

What would your local vape shop ever do without you? Every time you drop by to pick-up more E-liquid or a new wick, the owner refers customers to you. You were the first person you know to start vaping and you’re the go-to person in your community for advice and product reviews. You know so much about ohm coils, voltage, and atomizers, you can MacGyver your own RBA from a penlight.

While you’re very proud of your expertise, you’re never judgmental of newbies who don’t know the difference between a cartomizer and a tank. You’re always happy to share your cloud trick techniques with anyone willing to get lost in your vapor haze.

The Loyalist Vaper

You know what you like and you’re not changing. You bought your high-performance Triton Tank System over a year ago and it still works perfectly. Why fix something that’s not broken? You don’t care that there’s more than 10 different colors to choose from and you have no interest in upgrading to a variable voltage battery. You charge your batteries every night, you perform regular maintenance on your device, and you always reorder your E-liquid (yes, the same kind every time) before you crack open the last bottle. While others may think you’re stubbornly set in your ways, you prefer to think of yourself as simply conscientious.

Yeah, this group might get a bad rap for being “old school”, but no one would dare undervalue their brand loyalty. You’re a vaper for life.

The Diva Vaper

The exact opposite of The Loyalist, you’re an early adopter of all things vape related. The shinier and newer the better. You love having a vast array of E-liquids, batteries, and E-cig tanks to mix and match at will. Why let all that fabulous innovation go to waste? You have a knack for style and thankfully, your collection of colorful E-cigs complements every outfit you wear. After all, vaping is meant to be fun! Just ask the person who invented the Iridescence Triton Battery.

There are some things in life that you can never have too many of: shoes, purses, and E-cig batteries


This blogger is unashamed to admit that she’s mostly a Loyalist Vaper. What can I say? I find consistency comforting. What kind of vaper are you? Feel free to make-up your own label!

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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