Vape Travel Guide: Things to Know and Places to See in Cancun

Vape Travel Guide: Things to Know and Places to See in Cancun

Vape with a view is the perfect way to describe Cancun. And now that spring break is over, it’s the perfect time to visit the Yucatán Peninsula.

As one of the most affordable vacation destinations, Cancun has it all – beautiful beaches, adventurous activities, secluded islands, marine life encounters, and so much more.

Keep your summer vapes handy as you dive into this Cancun travel guide – because you’ll be wishing you were there right now.

Where to Stay

Relaxation 24/7

If the purpose of your vacation is to be a temporary beach bum, staying in a resort in Riviera Maya (an hour-and-a-half south of Cancun) is the best place for that. All the beach bums flock there! There are several all-inclusive resorts located in Riviera Maya so make sure you pick one that offers all the amenities you’re looking for because chances are you probably won’t leave the property.

Relaxation and Exploration

Zona Hotelera (Hotel Zone) offers the best of both worlds – relaxation and a little sightseeing. If you stay in Hotel Zone, you’ll have the option of relaxing at your hotel or venturing off to explore downtown Cancun. There are plenty of restaurants and shopping centers to explore as well. Keep in mind that Hotel Zone is quite touristy.

Party Central

Partying in Cancun is not just for spring breakers. If the party atmosphere is more your speed look for the right hotel, not necessarily the right location. Hotels like Hard Rock, RIU, Oasis Cancun Lite, and Barcelo Tucancun are known for their exciting night life, glow parties, and foam parties – no explanation needed.

Seeking Adventure

Adventurous attractions like Xcaret and Xplor are in the Riviera Maya area, so if you plan on taking part in zip lining, underground raft rides, or snorkeling, it would be a good idea to stay nearby.

How to Get Around

Bus System
The bus system is the best way to get around. It runs around the clock and passes through Hotel Zone every few minutes. Cancun buses charge a flat rate of 8.5 Mexican pesos per ride. There are also regional buses that take tourists to and from nearby attractions.

Rent a Car
You shouldn’t have to rent a car unless you are staying in Riviera Maya and want to explore outside the city. If you do choose to rent a car, beware of the speeding and tailgating that happens frequently.

Taxis are readily available throughout Cancun. The prices are not set so you will have to negotiate a price before getting in. The only time you should need a taxi is when you’re traveling to your hotel from the airport or to the airport from your hotel.

What to See

Chichén Itzá

As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Chichén Itzá is one of the most notable and recognized landmarks on the Yucatán. The site was originally a main hub of Mayan civilization, and was once used by Mayans as a temple for worship. Keep in mind that Chichén Itzá is about a two-and-a-half-hour bus ride from Cancun. So if you came to Mexico for the beaches, you might want to skip this day trip. But if you want to immerse yourself into the cultural roots of the Yucatán, there are plenty of tours to choose from or you can do a self-guided tour anytime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Admission is 64 Mexican pesos per person.

Isla Mujeres

If you need a break from the frantic beat of Cancun’s nightlife and beaches, escape the crowds and head to Isla Mujeres – a small island just eight miles off the Yucatán Peninsula. It’s quiet, secluded, and away from distractions. There are a few sites worth seeing while you’re there. Tour the haunted mansion, Hacienda Mundaca. Get up close and personal with sea turtles at the local sea turtle farm. Or, soak up the sun at Playa del Norte, regarded among travelers as a beautiful, pristine beach.

El Rey Ruins

Although they don’t have the awe factor of Chichén Itzá, El Rey Ruins do have convenience on their side. They’re located in the heart of the Hotel Zone and are easily accessible to visitors. The ruins are small so you’ll be able to tour them rather quickly. While you’re there, make sure to stop and mingle with the local iguanas. El Rey is home to hundreds of iguanas, and they’re quite photogenic. The El Rey Ruins are open to explore between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., and admission is 47 pesos (about $3 USD).

Delphinus Dreams Cancun

If swimming with dolphins has always been on your bucket list, then you can officially check it off when you visit Cancun. Delphinus Dreams Cancún gives visitors unique interactions and swims with dolphins. For example, you can experience things like being the dolphin’s trainer for a day, interact with one specific dolphin for one hour, and so much more. Cancun travelers rave about this experience so if you have some extra money saved up this is worth the splurge.

Don’t forget to take us with you! What e-liquid do you plan on vaping in Cancun? Let us know in the comment section below.

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