Vape Romances of the 21st Century

Vape Romances of the 21st Century

There are two things that have greatly evolved over the years because of technology: the cultural acceptance of smoking thanks to the introduction of electronic cigarettes and mobile dating apps that give singles the keys to the kingdom of love.

But can these two social developments walk hand in hand? If you met somebody on a dating site and decided to take them out to dinner, would they be comfortable with your vaping habit?

If not, here are five tips on how to avoid unnecessary drama if your date doesn’t approve of your vaping, and avoid a terrible experience like the one I went through.

Last spring, WeFirstMet hailed themselves as the first online dating site that offered its users an E-cigarette option. Since then, more dating websites have gotten with the times and are giving people the option to select vaper instead of cigarette smoker, but has the general population caught up with the digital one?

I’m an avid vaper. As a single city-dwelling female millennial, I go on my fair share of online dates. From Tinder to OkCupid, I’ve tried them all. Generally, the guy is O.K. if I step away from the table or bar to vape, but recently I encountered a much more negative opinion of vaping than what I am used to.

This guy and I were out on a first date at a casual restaurant. The dating site I met him through didn’t offer a vaping option, so I just left that part of my profile blank. He seemed like he was an extremely open-minded guy. He had the prerequisite hipster tattoos, groomed beard, and tight girl jeans. Totally judging a book by its cover, I naturally assumed he wouldn’t mind when I asked to go outside and vape.

His reaction was both startling and hysterical. First he yelled at me for not being upfront about my “addiction” before preaching about the so-called health risks involved with vaporizers. His mood only grew worse as I gently explained how the dating site didn’t allow me to put vaping down as an option and how it’s totally different from smoking traditional cigarettes. Then he abruptly stood up, loudly proclaimed how we couldn’t even make-out now since “my mouth would smell like an ashtray” and stormed out. Left with a half-eaten dinner, an empty seat facing me, and the entire check, I calmly followed him out the door, vaped, and returned to the table to finish my meal.

While most folks probably won’t experience such a dramatic attitude towards their vaping, they may encounter moments when others will frown upon their pastime. If you’re on a date, should you vape? The answer depends upon the person whom you’re with, but there are some steps you can take before putting the machine to your lips.

1. Be Upfront

If vaping is a big part of your lifestyle, be sure to be upfront with your date. Honesty is always the best policy (unless you’re dating the aforementioned check-skipper).

2. Aim to Educate

If your date is unfamiliar with the vaping world, be open to any questions they might have. Talk to them about any potential health risks, how vaping works, and how yummy E-liquids can be.

3. Keep It Outside

Even if the establishment you are in allows vaping inside, be polite and don’t vape at the table on a first date. Respectfully excuse yourself and head outdoors for an E-cig break.

4. Be Understanding

Don’t expect everybody to be accepting of vaping. Since it is a relatively new phenomenon, the jury is still out about long-term health risks and how it affects non-vapers in close proximity. If your date doesn’t like that you vape but likes you, spend some more time with them, but leave the vaping at home.

5. Bow Out Calmly

If your date does decide to throw a tantrum in public, stay calm and collected. Know that vaping isn’t for everyone and take solace in the fact that you’d never go off the deep end during a first date.

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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