Vape Pens and Mods: Time for a More Powerful E-Cig?

Vape Pens and Mods: Time for a More Powerful E-Cig?

It’s customary for beginners to commence their journey into the world of vaping with a cig-a-like or a vape pen. The aforementioned are ideal introductory products, providing that similar look and feel with sufficient power and effectiveness for the newcomer. For those bold neophytes that crave a device with a little more giddy-up and customization, advanced vape pens and mods are certainly other options to explore.

Cig-a-Like to Vape Pens

If you started with an electronic cigarette such as a G6 starter kit, often referred to as a cig-a-like, the next step would be a higher capacity vape pen like the Triton. Vape pens are larger than cig-a-likes, offering more advantages.

The higher the power, the larger clouds of vapor. In addition, increased power equates to warmer vapor and more of a throat hit. It’s also worth noting that a vape pen has a larger battery than a cig-a-like, which lets you vape longer without having to charge it.

One of the overwhelming benefits of using a vape pen is that you’re able to use large refillable tanks. Find a tank with features that suit your needs. Of course, one of the most compelling advantage of a refillable tank is you can use any flavor of e-liquid you like.

Regulated Mods

So you want more power and capacity than the vape pen? Our next grouping is what seasoned vapers call “mods,” such as the Reactor and the Tracer. Compared to the vape pen, mods offer more features and power.

Mods have larger batteries than vape pens and do not need to be charged nearly as often. Take the Triton vape pen, which has a 1,300 mAh battery. The Tracer eGo-style tube mod has a 2,300 mAh battery, a significant increase in capacity. The Reactor box mod has a massive 4,400 mAh battery almost doubling the capacity of the Tracer unit.

Mods often have LED screens, more buttons, adjustable airflow, more e-liquid capacity and a range of available wattage/voltage options. They are also more conducive to high-VG e-liquids.

Another element that advanced vapers enjoy is the ability to sub-ohm. Sub-ohming means to have a coil that has a resistance level below one ohm. A sub-ohm coil has less electrical resistance. Less resistance means the coil heats up more quickly and can reach higher temperatures. Sub-ohm vaping produces warmer vapor and much larger clouds of vapor. Many users also say that sub-ohming offers a more potent and enjoyable flavor.

Unregulated Mods

Unregulated mods, also known as “mech mods,” are for the most advanced and experienced vapers. These mods do not have any safety features and rely on the user itself to ensure proper use.

Unregulated mods do not protect users from battery shorts or from running batteries below safe voltage. Regulated mods cut power to the atomizer after a 10-second puff while unregulated mods do not. Powering the atomizer for more than 10 seconds can overheat the battery and cause battery venting and, even in rare cases, explosions. Unregulated mods are most definitely NOT for beginners. Using an unregulated mod requires knowledge of Ohm’s law and battery safety.

Those who use unregulated mods are typically hobbyists. The biggest reason for using an unregulated mod is they offer the most customization.

You can personalize your mod with the battery of your choice and build your atomizer to perform specifically for your battery without being limited by the wattage/voltage restrictions of regulated mods.

NOT Going Through the Steps

While the move from the cig-a-like to a vape pen to a regulated mod may seem like the order of natural progression, this simply isn’t the case. In the end, it’s all about your preference. What may be bigger and more powerful to one, may be bulky and complicated to another. Consider the aspects of each to figure out what fits you best. So where did you start and end? Share your vaper’s journey and which setup you decided you liked best in the comments below.

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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