The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Forego the tie this year and get your dad something he’ll really love. Check out our ultimate Father’s Day gift guide for all types of dads.

Compliments of yours truly.

Brewing dad

The only thing your beer-brewing dad loves more than beer is enjoying a beer he made himself. Make his dreams come true with a homebrew kit. It contains everything he’ll need to make a gallon of beer. From ale, to porter, to stout there are so many options to choose from!

Food Bacon-loving dad

Let’s be honest, if your dad loves bacon there are no other food groups in his diet but bacon. Which is why there is no better gift to get him than the gift of bacon. But we aren’t just talking about any kind of bacon. No, we are talking about artisanal bacon. And you can have it delivered to his front door every month with a subscription to a bacon of the month club.

Musical dad

Remember when you were young and your dad would pull out his turntable and blast his favorite songs? Oh, he still does that? Well then, it’s time to give his turntable an update. We’re talking about a turntable that is Bluetooth compatible so he can finally get rid of those speakers that take up about 25-square feet in your parents’ living room. Your mom will be happy too.

Sports-fanatic dad

Whether your dad likes to participate in the game or watch it from his couch, there is no shortage of gifts for sport-fanatics like him. Go in with your siblings and get him season tickets to see his favorite team, or get him cufflinks that reflect his favorite sports team. A new pair of sunglasses will block out the sun when he’s running laps around everyone at the track, and a fitness tracker will help him reach his goals during training season. Go, dad go!

Grilling dad

No, we’re not suggesting you grill your dad for Father’s Day. We’re not that dark and twisted. However, we do suggest getting him a new set of grilling tools for the grill master that he is.

Handyman dad

You know you were raised by a handyman when you heard the regular shouting of “dammit” coming from the garage followed by a loud banging sound of tools hitting the floor. We can relate. Which is why we know exactly what your handyman dad needs this Father’s Day – a magnetic wristband! This will help him save time on all his projects and serve as a third helping hand. No more loud shouting – unless he severs a finger.

Outdoorsy dad

Don’t make your dad drink his own pee when exploring the great outdoors. Leave that to Bear Grylls. Instead, buy him a gift that will keep his favorite drinks ice cold during all his camping adventures – a YETI cooler. Beer not included. But that’s what the homebrew kit is for!

Techie dad

Maybe your mom isn’t techie, but if your dad is, you can’t go wrong with gifts like the Amazon Dot, Bluetooth headphones, or a smart watch. These gifts are great no matter what his tech level is.

Traveling dad

Whether your dad travels regularly for business or pleasure, you can make his traveling dreams come true by gifting him a membership with Clear. He’ll be able to skip through security lines in five minutes or less. We think you might just win the Favorite Child of the Year Award with this gift.

Vaping dad

Step up your dad’s vaping game with some new hardware. We recommend our Reactor Mega Starter Kit. Add some e-liquid to go with it and he’ll be one happy vaper. If he favors tobacco flavored e-liquid, then we know he’ll love Tribeca. Does he have a sweet tooth? Hook him up with our Belgian Cocoa or Malibu flavors.

Let us know what you decide to get him for Father’s Day in the comment section below.


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