Top 10 Places to See in Tampa/St. Pete

Top 10 Places to See in Tampa/St. Pete

Patrick and I hit the streets of Tampa and St. Pete last month, and I’m still working off all the delicious food we ate. Is it a food baby or a real baby? You would never know.

Our first stop was in Clearwater to visit Downtown Vaporium. We hung out in the vape lounge and chatted with the owner, Drew. He gave us some good insight into the area, and he shared with us the history of his store and their mission to save lives.

After reflecting on our trip, we came up with the top 10 places you must see while you’re in Tampa/St. Pete. And here are the lucky winners:

10. Vinoy Park

Located on the downtown waterfront of St. Petersburg, Vinoy Park delivers a scenic view that can’t be missed. With its luscious green grass, and a crystal blue back drop, Vinoy Park is the perfect place to set up a picnic, walk your dog, or read a book.

9. Central Melt

When I look back on my visit to Central Melt, the first word that comes to mind is CHEESE. So much cheese! I tend to be a bit dramatic sometimes, but I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that Central Melt fills their sandwiches with tons of cheese. They spare no expense! If you don’t believe me, let the pictures do all the talking.


8. St. Pete Mural Alley

Not every city allows their buildings to be painted with unique art, but in St. Pete almost every building has a mural on it. The murals can be found throughout downtown, but if you’re already going to be at Central Melt – which you probably will be because cheese – then head out their back door and it will put you right at the start of mural alley.

7. Fort De Soto Park

The name suggests it’s a park, but Fort De Soto is so much more than that. Its pristine beaches welcome swimming, fishing, and kayaking. There are plenty of trails to explore, and even historic military forts and cannons to see. Fort De Soto also has the best view of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. You can’t get this view anywhere else!

6. The Tampa Riverwalk

Tampa offers plenty of outdoor activities, and the Tampa Riverwalk is one of the best. The Riverwalk runs along the Hillsborough River and there is much to explore throughout the nearly three-mile stretch. Patrick and I enjoyed the walk along the river, and we got to see Tampa up close and personal. The Riverwalk conveniently takes you through prominent places in the city. It’s the perfect place to get acquainted with Tampa.

5. Eddie & Sam’s

When I walked into this pizza heaven I knew I was going to leave satisfied. The smell of dough, cheese, and sauce sizzling in the oven was so strong I almost went into a pizza coma – and I hadn’t even eaten yet! If there is one takeaway from my trip to Tampa it should be this: Eddie & Sam’s is the best New York style pizza you’re going to find in this city. It’s so authentic, even the water they make the dough with is imported from NYC. Now that’s dedication I can respect.

4. Hyde Park Village

The shopaholic in me got all starry-eyed as we strolled through Hyde Park Village. The open-air shopping district offers plenty of high-end shopping, dining, and entertainment. The only thing missing was a limitless credit card.

3. The Oxford Exchange

This is one of my favorite places from our trip! Another food place, whoops! Sorry, not sorry. The entire vibe of the Oxford Exchange is something you would see in a movie. Its architecture is European-inspired. It features a restaurant, bookstore, coffeehouse, and a shop with décor and gifts. I found it to be quaint and inspiring. It’s also many locals’ favorite place to have brunch.


2. Ybor City

If you ask the locals the top places to visit in Tampa, Ybor City will always be on the list. It’s a top tourist destination, and one of two National Historic Landmark Districts in Florida. We strolled the streets of Ybor and I felt like we were walking through the set of an old western movie. Historic buildings are now offices, residencies, or boutique hotels. The Columbia Restaurant, the oldest restaurant in Florida, is also located in Ybor and it offers some of the best traditional Spanish food.

1. Datz

I saved the best for last. I had to give myself time to process the experience I had at Datz because it was a lot to take in. Literally. After walking around Tampa all day, Patrick and I were ready to eat some grub! And let me tell you, we ate some grub. I ordered The Cheesy Todd (as seen on Good Morning America), and it was every foodie’s dream – 100% fresh ground chuck, melted American cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickle. Layered between two bacon-jalapeño mac n’ cheese “buns.” Oh, my nom it was SO good! I wish I could go back in time and relive the moment the gooey bites met my mouth, but these pictures will have to suffice.

Are you hungry for Tampa/St. Pete, yet? I know I’m ready to go back. If you’re planning a trip to south west Florida soon, keep this list handy. If you’ve already gone, what are some of your favorite places to see and dine at? Let us know in the comment section below.


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