The Top 10 Vaping Memes

The Top 10 Vaping Memes

This is a safe place.

You can laugh here about internet vaping memes even if you won’t admit it to your friends.

We don’t judge … especially when they stray from just plain hilarious memes to hi-larious vaping memes.

So sit back, relax with your E-cigarette and prepare to at least give a hearty chuckle to Halo’s top ten vaping memes.

The Look Meme

Leonardo Dicaprio Vaper Meme - Halo Blog

It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever met the person before or not, there are things you can assume about them just by sharing something in common. Using E-cigarettes puts you in a special club…so, give a nod next time you see a fellow vaper.

Old School Meme

Learning from Vaping Meme - Halo Blog

It is true that when you pick up a hobby like vaping, it becomes a bit of a passion. From the E-juice to the mods to the ohms – you learn quite a bit; enough that you could probably teach your high school science teacher a thing or two now, huh?

May the Vape Be With You Meme

Stormtrooper Vaping Meme - Halo Blog

This list just wouldn’t be complete without a vape meme with a Star Wars reference, now would it? And it’s ok to admit you’ve felt this way when you leave your E-cig at home…

Cloud-Chasing Memes

Rebuilt Dripper Meme - Halo Blog

Vape Cloud Meme - Halo Blog

Hey, it’s an art form and the bigger the better! If you’re cloud isn’t visible from space and doesn’t block out a celestial body, then keep trying! If you’re sitting around doing it in a mid-drift exposing Spartan outfit a la 300, it might be time to call a friend.

You’ve Got Vape Mail Meme

Vape Mail Meme - Halo Blog

Vape mail IS pretty darn exciting. It’s like that feeling you got on Christmas morning when you were a kid!

The Most Inadvertent Hobby in the World Meme

Vape Hobby - Halo Blog

You know this one hits closer to home than you want it to!!! Don’t worry, you are most definitely not alone! Plus, there has to be some kind of Pinterest project you can make with all those little glass bottles. Christmas is just around the corner, after all.

Vaping Love Connection Meme

Drip Tip Vaping Meme - Halo Blog

There are certain things that happen during the course of a relationship that let you know things are, well, progressing. Meeting the folks, spending the night, keeping a toothbrush at their place and, if you’re a vaper, sharing drip tips. That’s some serious stuff.

The Dry Hit Meme

Dry Hit Meme - Halo Blog

Oh, it’s the bane of every vapers existence, the dry hit. There you are, just innocently hanging out with your peeps and then all of the sudden – dry hit. You try to play it off, be cool, not act like someone just lit fire to a skunk in your mouth. Is it working? Probably not, but you totally get an “A” for effort!

Shangri-La Meme

Vape Shop Meme - Halo Blog

It’s O.K. to admit that buying new stuff is exciting, and it’s even more exciting when you’re buying new stuff for your E-cigarette. Don’t worry, you are in good company. Just remember to buy food, too.

Did we miss any? What are some of your favorite internet E-cigarette memes? Remember, sharing is caring!

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