The New Flavors of eVo E-Juice: E-Liquid Evolved

The New Flavors of eVo E-Juice: E-Liquid Evolved

The New Flavors of eVo E-juice

For those whose tastes have evolved, we have, too.

Often when blasting your opinion across the Internet, it may feel like you’re speaking to deaf ears as most people are consumed with their own issues or what Justin Bieber ate for lunch. Au Contraire! Halo welcomes feedback and is receptive to the thoughts and opinions of the customer. Yes, we’re known for our classic premium tobacco and menthol flavors, but some of you have moved on to other flavors and may feel as if your tastes have changed. eVo is an evolutionary step in the Halo line with a cornucopia of mouthwatering fruit and gourmet beverage flavors guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. Let’s explore these exciting new flavors, which come in two collections.

Harvest Collection

eVo’s Harvest Collection features a medley of sweet and refreshing fruit flavors. This is some serious quality e-juice. Summer Peach is like tasting the sweet nectar of a peach for the first time. With each breath of Wild Watermelon, you’ll swear you’re relaxing in your backyard on a summer day with watermelon juice running down your chin. And it doesn’t stop there. Break out your toga and feather fan and channel your inner Julius Caesar while your partner feeds you fresh grapes straight from the vine … or you can take a puff of Grape Vape, same thing. If you like pomegranate, eVo’s invigorating Pure Pomegranate is comparable to fresh unrefined pomegranate juice.

Summer Peach eVo E-juiceWild Watermelon eVo E-juiceGrape Vape eVo E-juicePure Pomegranate eVo E-juice

An undisputed favorite at Halo headquarters, Cantaloupia reels you in with its fresh and crisp melon flavor. Travel to the land down under, where sweet and tart take on a whole new meaning with Golden Kiwi. On your way back, revel in an explosion of berry greatness with the flavorful Berry Blast. Awaken your taste buds with Fruitapalooza, a kaleidoscope of sweet and tangy fruit flavors. The journey is not complete without an instant favorite, Limelight, a sweet and tart Key lime blend with an extraordinary citrus flavor. Rounding out the Harvest Collection are Apricota, Spiced Apple and Backwoods Blueberry. You honestly have to try these flavors.

Cantaloupia eVo E-juiceGolden Kiwi eVo E-juiceBerry Blast eVo E-juiceFruitapalooza eVo E-juice
Limelight eVo E-juiceApricota eVo E-juiceSpiced Apple eVo E-juiceBackwoods Blueberry eVo E-juice

Café Collection

The Café Collection brings the patisseries of Paris, cafés of Venice and shores of a tropical paradise directly to your mod with its pastry and mixed drink flavors.
There’s the savory Nutty Caramel, which is so good you’ll feel guilty. A must try for any coffee lover is Hazelnut Cappuccino, a bold brew of dry hazelnut roasted into a premium cappuccino base.

Nutty Caramel eVo E-liquidHazelnut Cappuccino eVo E-liquid

On the fruitier side, quench your thirst with eVo’s menu of mixed drink flavors. The Apple Pom Smoothie is light and crisp while the Tangerine Swirl is smooth and creamy. Relish the flavor offered by Piña Colada, which will bring you back to your favorite vacation spot.

Apple Pom SmoothieTangerine Swirl eVo E-juicePina Colada eVo E-juice

The eVo line is the real deal and quite possibly some of the best flavors you will ever have the pleasure of vaping. Until now, eVo has only been available in brick-and-mortar stores, but now, you’ve got all of these incredible and quality flavors at your finger-click, so give them a try.

Have you tried our eVo flavors yet, and if so, what’s your favorite?

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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