The Five Least Vape-Friendly Cities in America

The Five Least Vape-Friendly Cities in America

Vaping and E-cigarettes continue to gain a foothold in mainstream American society, but, as with any new technology or innovative idea, E-cigs have run into resistance. Opponents of vaping have proven to be more vocal (and more effective) in some American cities than in others, effectively outlawing the use of E-cigarettes in public.

Where are these unfriendly, anti-vaping towns? Listed right below, of course!

Hawai’i (the Big Island), HI

While friendly to surfers and flowered leis, the tropical 50th state is not so welcoming to E-cigs. Early in 2015, Hawai’i County (which is the entire Big Island) made using E-cigarettes illegal in public places – including outdoor spaces. Vapers here can forget about puffing at the beach or in a public park. Additionally, vaping is banned wherever smoking is prohibited (which, as you probably guessed, is just about everywhere).

To make matters worse, one state Senator (we won’t name names) wants to make that countywide ban statewide. As if the new rules aren’t restrictive enough, he also wants to outlaw using E-cigarettes anywhere in public (even areas where tobacco can be smoked) and he wants to levy an 80% tax on E-cig products. Fun guy, huh?

Manchester, NH

The State motto might be “Live Free or Die”, but apparently living free does not include vaping in public. Anywhere. New Hampshire has banned E-cig smoking from almost all public places, including workplaces, public buildings, restaurants, bars and retail stores.

Not that there are many retail E-cigarette stores to frequent, there are just three vape shops in all of Manchester.

Long Beach, CA

Unlike Hawaii, you can still get away with using your E-cigarette on the beach here, for now… But, if you want to use it anywhere else in public, you’re out of luck. The E-cig ban in Long Beach includes all workplaces, restaurants, bars, vape shops, and casinos. If some Senators have their way, Long Beach will be among many Californian cities with all-inclusive vaping bans.

Even neighboring Los Angeles has cracked-down on public vaping. However, La La land did make an exception when they enacted their law: E-cigarette use is permitted in E-cigarette retail locations and in theatrical productions. It’s great news for the vaping glitterati (remember Julia Louis-Dreyfus puffing away on an E-cig at the Golden Globes last year?), but not so great for the rest of us mere mortals.

New York City, NY

Vaping is not dead in the Big Apple – not by a long shot – but the onslaught of anti-vaping rhetoric and legislation-happy politicians is troublesome. The only public places where you can vape are in E-cig retail stores, and even that could be gone in a New-York-minute if the politicians get their way.

Recently a city councilmember launched a campaign to shut down vaping in E-cig shops, and ban the sale of flavored E-cigs and E-liquids. What!? No more Café Mocha in the city that never sleeps?

You can’t escape the insanity by crossing the bridge to New Jersey either. Newark has a ban on all public E-cigarette use (no vaping in bars, restaurants, workplaces, smoke shops, vape shops, or gambling facilities).

North Dakota

Yes, I know that North Dakota is a state and not a city. But, since this lovely place has state-wide laws against E-cigarettes, I thought it would be unfair to single out just one city.

Simply put, the state ban prohibits vaping in any public place. If you’re not in your own house, you can’t vape there. No restaurants, no stores, no bars, no casinos, no workplaces, nowhere. Not in Fargo, not in Bismarck, and not in Walhalla. If you happen to be travelling through, I hope you’re driving – your car might be the only safe place to vape.

But there is hope …

Before you get too depressed with the doomsday scenarios above and consider immigrating to Canada (it’s worse for vapers up there anyway), take comfort in the cities that welcome E-cigarette use with open arms, you can read about them here.

And, if you do live in one of these anti-E-cig cities, it’s time to fight back. Several great advocacy groups are lobbying politicians at all levels of government to keep vaping accessible, safe, and fun. Get involved and have your voice heard. Check out these organizations for more information about local events and campaigns:

Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association
Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association
Vista Truth
The American Vaping Association

Do you live in one of the Least Vape-Friendly cities? How do you keep enjoying your E-cig? Let us know in the comments below!

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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  • Daniel stegner

    I do it anyway. It’s rarely enforced. Unless someone complains mainly because they have no idea what vaping is

  • bob

    Got told in a roosters in columbus ohio it wasnt allowed

  • Brian

    Washtenaw County in Michigan (which includes Ann Arbor) just passed an all inclusive vaping/e-cig ban that is just as stringent as the tobacco smoking laws state wide. They are trying to pass the same state wide.

  • ronnie

    Just far left liberals against vaping,nothing has shown to be harmful with vaping so far,unless your fool enough to drink the juice with nicotine in it. on one hand they want pot legal , one joint equal to one pack of real cigarettes. so if they the liberal like something ok , your a hater if you disagree according to them.leave us alone on vaping. I smoked real cigarettes for 45 years then two years ago I was able to switch to vaping, started with 24 nicotine have worked down to 6 now. sometimes I mix a 30 m nicotine 6 with a 30 ml no nicotine probably about a 3 then. anyway been great, no cough any more not sick with sinus or lung infections, colds go away a lot faster . nothing worked before cold turkey wasn’t gonna work but vape did.

  • LouPop13

    I live close to Long Beach, CA and I always though they were a bunch of hypocrites, since the 1st Vape Meet in SoCal was held in the convention center there!! (and sponsored by a local vape shop)
    But I would rate Santa Monica much worse than LB!!!! They have always had this attitude that they are more “progressive” than the other cities in the area… but the last time I was there, when they just had a smoking ban, and before I started vaping, I was on the Pier and being a considerate smoker was looking for a designated smoking area.
    I finally found one… which was clearly marked off by red velvet ropes and a red carpet… but no ash can for the butts anywhere!! There were burn marks on the carpet and who knows how many ended up in the ocean. When I snuffed mine out, I put the butt in my purse.
    I hate to admit that I was born there, but now live about 1/2 way between there and LB.
    At least I can find some humor in the fact that, in spite of all the legislation, including their big ‘Heal the Bay’ campaign, they have been rated with the worst polluted beach in this years report…. LMAO!!!

  • Marty

    First off, marijuana use eventually effects normal brain function and brain electrolytes. Sadly, I’ve had to see this happen to others, and the negative effects are irreversible. Marijuana being good for healthy people is just a myth. The liberal left has some more votes now. Why would you vote for the other party if it meant losing your right to smoke weed? Like being controlled? If you live in a democratic left run state, look around yourself, and notice all that truly is wrong and absurd. Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, New York, ect.. Sagging state budgets, legalize pot? Weaker tobacco revenues. Stop vapers, and try to over tax them? Punish the people who want to stop buying cigarettes? People are so easy to manipulate when they’re doped and dizzy! If I lived in one of the antivaping states, I would just leave. If there’s no push back from the people, the psychos that make these laws and rules to their liking, will prevail,as always, and as usual!

  • Kevin Cottrell

    They are pretty much illegal in Durham, NC.
    NC is a wonderful state with gun laws most states wish they still had.
    Durham however, has the strictest gun, smoking, vaping “rules” yet still have highest crime rate in the otherwise safe state. Foolish constitutional and personal rights being stomped on with no (absolutely zero) positive effect.

  • Curt

    Kansas City area. Nothing exists anywhere banning anything. I vape in restaurants, the grocery store, at work, you name it. No one says a thing. Not to mention vape shops everywhere. Should lead your top five list. Better Research perhaps?

  • Angel

    Here in Ga,if you smoke cigarettes it’s fine but if you vape,they act like you are smoking weed in a tank….folks all over is plain ignorant to vaping..I get strange looks each time I vape…so it’s just one of those things about folks being just plain IGNORANT & JUDGEMENTAL….