The Five Most Vape-Friendly Cities in America

The Five Most Vape-Friendly Cities in America

While some cities are struggling with public vaping, others are welcoming e-cigarettes and vapers with open arms. I researched local laws and calculated the prevalence of vape-friendly restaurants, shops, clubs, and events, to uncover the most vape-friendly cities in the U.S.

Did your hometown make the list?

Seattle, WA

As the birthplace of Grunge music and Starbucks Coffee, Seattle has always been at the intersection of alternative and mainstream. With no prohibitions against vaping indoors or in outdoor public spaces, vaping is gaining a foothold in mainstream culture. Seeing someone walking in downtown Seattle openly puffing on an e-cigarette is as common as seeing a guitar-wielding busker with dreadlocks.

You don’t have to scour the city to find vape-friendly establishments here, either. The Seattle area boasts 21 restaurants that welcome e-cigarettes, 17 bars that allow indoor vaping, and more than 50 vape shops. To help keep Seattle open and available to vapers, the Pink Lung Brigade (a vaping advocacy group) hosts regular fundraisers and events to continue the fight for vaping rights throughout Washington State.

Tampa, FL

Life is good for vapers in Tampa. With no laws, policies, or city codes against e-cigarette use, finding restaurants and bars that allow vaping indoors or on their outdoor patios is a cinch. Many Tampa vapers are free to bring their e-cigarette to work for quick puffs at their desk, while shoppers at WestShore Plaza and International Plaza malls are free to vape as they browse.

Nearby Clearwater Beach is not only a haven for sun seekers, it’s a haven for vaping. Nearly every shop, restaurant, and bar along the beach is e-cigarette friendly. Travelers are even free to grab some e-cigarette puffs while they wait for their flight at the Tampa International Airport.

The VCC (Vaping Convention Circuit) is one of the largest vaping conventions in America and its Tampa convention is a must-attend event for vaping enthusiasts and the vaping curious. The city also spawned Vista Truth Inc., a non-profit organization that lobbies state governments and establishes relationships with elected officials to help shape the vaping industry and protect the rights of vapers and e-cigarette businesses.

Virginia Beach, VA

Vaping culture is taking this picturesque tourist town by storm. The state has no bans on vaping indoors and Virginia Beach businesses are not keen on creating their own bans. There are more than 15 bars and restaurants in the Virginia Beach area that allow worry-free E-cigarette use indoors. Local favorites include Bucketheads restaurant & bar, Young Veterans Brewery Company, Lucky Oyster, Seaside Raw Bar, and Mango’s live music venue and bar.

With more than 10 vape shops within a short drive of the beach, it’s easy to stock-up on your favorite e-liquid, and several area vape shops welcome shoppers to relax and taste-test in their lounges. Concertgoers in Virginia Beach don’t have to leave their e-cigarettes at home, either. Farm Bureau Live, a 20,000-seat outdoor concert venue, also allows unrestricted vaping – party on Virginia Beach!

Denver, CO

While some Colorado towns have expressed concern about e-cigarettes and banned their use on government property, Denver permits vaping just about anywhere. There are no bans on indoor use and the decision to allow e-cigarettes in private establishments is up to the owners.

With nearly 100 vape shops in the city and surrounding suburbs, there’s no question that the Mile High vaping culture is on the rise.

Where do local vapers congregate? Well, the most popular haunts include The Double Eagle and Gold Creek Casinos, Steam Spot (Vape Store and lounge), SOCO Venues (Club Vinyl, The Church, Bar Standard, Milk, The Living Room, Funky Buddha Lounge, and City Hall), The Meadowlark nightclub, and Charlie’s Denver.

Las Vegas, NV

Anything goes in Sin City, including vaping. The state doesn’t do much to ban traditional smoking, so it should be no surprise that there are no bans on vaping indoors. Vaping at the black jack table, in the casino hotel rooms, in a bar on the Vegas Strip – it’s all fair game and no one blinks an eye at public e-cigarette use.

Las Vegas is home to more than 35 vape shops and the increasingly popular Vape Summit hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Frequent travelers to this party town can safely use their e-cigarettes inside the McCarron International Airport. Count your winnings (or remaining pennies) in peace as you wait for your flight home, and avoid those small, stinky, enclosed smoking rooms.

Where do you love to vape in your hometown? Let us know in the comments below!

And keep a look out next week for when we count down the five least vape-friendly cities in the U.S.!

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  • Kimberly Oquist Johnson

    I live in a small suburb in Orange County, Southern CA. I live in a low income community that’s about 1 square mile of the city limits. ( the raunchy side of the city that borders on a raunchier city ). It’s amazing the difference in people’s attitudes going from a teenagers graffiti on building walls area to uppity homeowners with perfect lawns and cars on the other side of town. We may share the same zip code but not the same attitude. I have never run into someone in the grocery store parking lot that has given me a dirty look or a fake cough which is quite amusing because it’s not tobacco smoke and vapor doesn’t cause you to cough, it’s not second hand smoke but then some people like to be dramatic. Sometimes I’ll walk by them and ask them if they’re catching that cold that’s going around. I don’t go out really so I can’t say much for restaurants and bars but I know you can’t smoke in front of Starbucks outside so I’ll say F.V. treats vaping like smoking in the better part of town.

  • Keile

    Surprised to see Seattle made the friendly list. From what I’ve been reading, Washington State hasn’t been very friendly to ejuice manufacturers.

  • d haagen

    in Philadelphia people are more concerned about whatta heck I am holding in my hand while putting that thing in to my mouth, than about the vapor. I get stares all the time. But so far no one really bothered me about the vapor.

  • Joanne

    Ditto from Philly in burbs.

  • Brian

    Seattle is in King County, and KC health department has an ordinance against using Ecig 25 feet from public buildings, entrances, windows, or vents. They are treated just like regular cigarettes. But in neighboring counties there are no such ordinances yet.

  • Chris

    Hello, i am a vapor distributor in Las Vegas. I usually have no problem vaping at the bar tables or most places here. However, i am surprised that you’ve mentioned that McCarran is allowing people to vape openly. I go through McCarran about a few times a month and never seen anyone vape openly unless inside one of those slots smoking area. So i am wondering where did you get this data from. That’s all and keep on vaping!!!

    • Murray

      I was just in Vegas a couple of weeks ago, and since I didn’t see anyone else vaping in the airport, I asked someone who works there if it was allowed, and they told me yes. I continued to vape while waiting for my flight (about an hour), and nobody asked me to stop.

      Btw, I live in Vancouver (Canada), and vaping is now banned everywhere smoking is…which is practically everywhere; it is also illegal in Canada to sell or purchase e-liquid containing nicotine.

  • Melissa

    I live in Gulf Shores, AL and I’ve not had a problem vaping in public or in restaurants. Of course, I’m not going to vape while in a place like Waffle House or Applebee’s, but at our favorite local joint, Rafters (sports bar and pub), I feel free to vape away. A few of the wait staff also vape, so they always ask me what flavor I’m vaping. When I get free samples with ejuice orders, I pass them along to them.

  • Donna

    LOL. I live on Long Island New York, wherever smoking is prohibited, so are e-cigs. So, I am use to going outside, standing 50 feet from the entrance of my workplace building and vaping away happily, in the winter time I go in my car and sit there on my break and vape, not to mention I work for the Health Dept which enforced the new e-cig vaping law ! Since I have been tobacco free for 1 year and 3 months, my sense of smell has returned 100 % and I find I cannot tolerate the smell of a real cigarette, it makes me gag, I can smell the smoke from far away and know when someone outside has lit up. Many non-smokers tell me my e-cigs smell good, like cocoa. Happy Vaping !

  • Beth

    One of the things I miss most about smoking is doing it while imbibing an alcoholic drink or cuppa Jo. So yeah when I go to clubs bars and coffee shops I vape and I haven’t run into any problems yet. Austin, Texas.

  • Trish

    I live in a small town in Eastern Kentucky. We have a lot of people that vape here but still get strange looks, coughs, and comments. People call my mod a crack pipe! It’s so funny to listen to the comments!
    I do get tired of hearing people say vaping is worse than smoking….I know better! Vaping is the best thing ever for me, a 30+ years smoker who couldn’t quit until I found out it really works!!! 1year and 3months strong!

  • Shane

    You can vape in Detroit airport bars!!

  • CM

    These locations are likely to change…Tampa is quickly being surrounded by cities/municipalities that ban or restrict vaping and will probably succumb to the onslaught of anti-vaping advocates eventually. Even cities that have balked at making any regulations towards smoking are succumbing to the anti-tobacco crowd, who do not distinguish between what they see as smoke and what is actually just vapor. It is fool-hardy to believe that a municipality that currently doesn’t have regulations won’t soon have some, as they take on the issue in the absence of clear laws from the state or federal governments.