Halo’s Sundance Film Festival ’18 Sneak Preview

Halo’s Sundance Film Festival ’18 Sneak Preview

Sundance Film Festival ’18 is underway! If you’re attending, you’re one lucky devil! If not, you’re still lucky, but admittedly a somewhat less lucky devil. We’ve got the scoop and some interesting tidbits here for you now. Enjoy.

Fest Facts

  • Sundance was co-founded by Oscar-winning actor and director Robert Redford to showcase independent films and filmmakers
  • Sundance is home to world premieres, dramatic features, documentaries, short films, world cinema, “midnight” films, interactive exhibitions, and more
  • Sundance takes place annually in Park City, Utah
  • The first Sundance festival was held in 1978
  • 110 feature films from 29 countries will be shown during the 2018 event
  • The 2018 fest runs January 18 – 28
  • Qualifying films compete for coveted Sundance awards, though many more are shown “out-of-competition”

Independents Get a Chance at Sundance

Sundance is where many memorable and buzzworthy independent films are first discovered. In 1999, “The Blair Witch Project” premiered at the festival. As a result, the film was signed to a studio distribution deal. It went on to become a huge hit and was virtually responsible for inventing the “found footage” horror film genre that still packs cinemas worldwide today.

Film Fare

Don’t be surprised if you see some of these Sundance 2018 entries show up on your local movie screen in the near future: “Lizzie,” “Wildlife,” “The Tale,” “Burden,” “The Kindergarten Teacher,” “The Miseducation of Cameron Post,” and “Nancy.” Even though these are independent films, many of them have well-known stars, producers, and directors behind them.

Several timely documentaries are also being screened, including “Bisbee ’17” (deportation), “Dark Money” (big money influencing politics), “Seeing Allred” (sexual harassment lawsuits), “RBG” (Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg), and “Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind” (on the late comedian).

And those are just a few of the U.S.-based entries. See the complete feature film list now.

People-Watching: The Off-Screen Action

We can’t promise you any close encounters, but Sundance film stars often show up for their film screenings. This year they include both Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal (siblings), Peter Dinklage, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Hudson, Laura Dern, Steve Buscemi, and Forest Whitaker. Wow!

With so many celebs in town, you may find yourself sitting next to a hotshot actor/director during a screening or standing in line behind a major star at Starbuck’s. (Is that why they call it “Starbucks,” because stars spend their money there?) When you see someone famous, play it cool, or you’ll come across as a wannabe. If you’re hoping for an autograph, just remember the late Paul Newman stopped signing them after an autograph seeker approached him at a urinal.

Where Things Go Downhill Fast

If you want a break from the films, there’s plenty else to do. Ringed by mountains, Park City is one of the country’s best locations for snow skiing and snowboarding. If you feel like “singing to the choir,” you’re just a few miles away from the home of the world-famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir. (OK, don’t actually sing while they’re singing; it’s frowned upon.)

Tell us what upcoming films you’re looking forward to seeing, at Sundance or elsewhere, by commenting below.


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