South by Southwest: Halo’s Top Picks

South by Southwest: Halo’s Top Picks

From sessions on technology and health to a gaming expo and film festivals, there are so many activities to do at South by Southwest. You may be overwhelmed with trying to choose which activities to take the time to see, but don’t worry, we’ll help you out with this list of our SXSW must-sees.

First Time to SXSW Meet up – This is a great session for new attendees. It’ll be an open seminar to ask questions and will be led by speaker John Muehlbauer, who has attended the event for over 20 years.

2018 Emerging Tech Trends Report – Amy Webb, a professor at NYU Stern School of Business and founder of the Future Today Institute, will discuss her 11th annual Tech Trends Report, which will go over the technology trends to look out for in 2018.

60 Minutes: TV’s Most Successful Newscast – Meet Executive Producer Jeff Fager and journalist Lara Logan as they explain how 60 MINUTES has been going for 50 seasons and how Fager guided the show into the digital age.

Accidentally Making the Most Popular Podcasts Ever – The American Life, created by Ira Glass, was the most popular podcast on iTunes between 2006 and 2014. Glass and his team then made Serial and S-Town, two very successful podcasts. In this session, Glass will speak about what he thinks is an interesting narrative and his view on audio storytelling.

The End of Content – GIPHY CEO Alex Chung will discuss the idea of internet users reaching maximum content consumption and what’s in the future for entertainment.

Against the Odds: Charting Your Path as A Woman – This session will focus on discrimination against diversity in the workplace and what you can do when someone questions your goals.

Extreme Bionics: The Future of Human Ability – Learn how biology and technology are connecting in a way like never before to help end disabilities.

Kintsugi, the Art of Japanese Wellness – Discover how the Japanese act of nourishing, Kintsugi, uses ancient healing practices for the mind and body.

How 5 Months on the PCT Made Me Better at My Job – Elizabeth Schwartz used her company’s unlimited time off for a five-month hike in the Pacific Crest Trail. Find out the lessons she learned on her trip, how these lessons changed the company’s culture, and how this time off is good for both the employee and the company.

Making the Cut: Film Editing Secrets Revealed – Award-winning editors behind movies like Star Wars will tell the stories of their success, the creative tools they use, and how they work with directors.

Changing the World Through Food – Chef personalities José Andrés and Andrew Zimmern will go over how they impact the world with food by providing meals to those in need and by promoting unity among countries through food.

Just Press Go: Waymo’s Self-Driving Cars Are Here – Waymo CEO John Krafcik will go over how the company plans to launch a driverless ride-hailing service in Phoenix and the process that the technology is going through to get ready.

Reddit: Life After (Near) Death – In this session, Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman will review how he was able to grow the company, despite the site not being able to ship items.

SXSW Gaming Closing Party – Close out the Gaming Festival with festival favorites, drinks, and live entertainment.

Music Festival – Showcasing over 2,000 artists from 63 countries.

Comedy Festival – Includes a diverse line-up of new and established comedians.

Speakers – Meet the keynote speaker and one of the most influential people in virtual reality, Emblematic Group CEO Nonny de la Peña. She premiered the first VR experience at Sundance in 2012, is one of CNET’s 20 Most Influential Latinos In Tech, and has been called the “Godmother of VR” by Forbes, Engadget, and The Guardian.

Some other interesting speakers at SXSW will include: Dakota Fanning, Amy Powell, Nile Rodgers, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bernie Sanders, Gayle King, and Ernest Cline.

How excited are you for SXSW this year? React below!

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