Retailer Spotlight: The Vaping Shack of Lawrenceville, GA

Retailer Spotlight: The Vaping Shack of Lawrenceville, GA

Once Don realized he could quit cigarettes forever with vaping, he wanted everyone else to know. And The Vaping Shack was born.

When you walk in to The Vaping Shack, you’re not just going to buy e-liquid. You’re going to enjoy e-liquid. And you will with The Vaping Shack’s tropical island vibe. We spent some time with Don in his shop and learned what inspired the name, the culture, and his love for vape products.

Watch the video now.

(00:43) Why did you start selling vape products?
(1:13) What do you like best about selling vape products?
(1:40) What’s the spirit or vibe of your company?
(2:02) How do you want customers to feel when they enter your store?
(2:27) What’s unique or special about The Vaping Shack?
(3:04) What does vaping mean to you?
(0:00) What’s your favorite Halo flavor?
(3:57) What’s your customers’ favorite Halo Flavor?
(4:20) How has Halo helped your business?
(5:02) Is there an interesting story behind your store’s name?
(6:34) What advice would you give to someone trying to quit smoking?
(0:00) How has vaping saved your life?
(5:38) How did you get into this business?
(7:14) Any other thoughts?

Thanks for welcoming us to your shop, Don! We really felt like we were vaping in a tropical paradise.

Vaping Shack

The Vaping Shack has two retail locations. Its Lawrenceville, Georgia location is located at 4850 Sugarloaf Parkway Suite 2017. Stop by to see Don and the rest of The Vaping Shack crew and tell them Halo sent you!

Have a Halo retailer that you love? Let us know who it is, and we might just feature them in our next blog.

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