Retailer Spotlight: Vapetime UK of Southampton, Hampshire

Retailer Spotlight: Vapetime UK of Southampton, Hampshire

Vapetime UK co-owner Lucian Sanda got excited about the vaping business when e-cigarettes helped him stop smoking. Now he’s helping others do the same.

Is there a story behind your store name?

Lucian: My business partner Paul Larter came up with that. He liked the sound of it, I suppose. “What time is it?” I used to ask when I called him, and he’d say, “I don’t know,” and I said, “Here now it’s vapetime!”

How long have you been in business?

Lucian: Paul started the company in May 2012. I joined Vapetime UK in December 2012.

Why did you start selling vape products?

Lucian: I started vaping in 2009 with whatever was available at the time. I remember some really basic stuff. (Later) I finally managed to give up smoking. That was the main reason I started vaping. I was excited, and people were stopping me in the street asking, “What are you doing?” At the time there were just a few online (vaping) stores in the U.K. I started with 24mg (of nicotine) and moved up to 32. I used to smoke like 40 cigarettes a day. I was really excited about (vaping), and I was looking to find better product. I was sure there were some better products out there.

How did you go about becoming a vape retailer?

Lucian: I was looking around online and hadn’t spoken to Paul for about a year. When we met up again I said, “Listen, I’ve found this electronic cigarette.” He said, “Well, I have a friend in Greece who recommended me some of this (e-liquid) brand.” I’d never heard of it before. I bought some and thought it was really good. Superior to what I was vaping at the time.

Paul had already started Vapetime UK and I said, “Listen, this is a great thing.” At the time he was still working and just doing this on the side. I said, “I think we can do something here.” He decided to quit his job and take it (the vape business) full-time. This is how we started, from Paul’s music room.

What do you like best about selling vape products?

Lucian: First of all, how excited people were when they managed to give up smoking. We’re really proud of what we sell. Even though (when we began) it was probably more cost-effective to go and buy Chinese liquid, we never did that. We started basically with a couple e-liquid brands, including yours. This was the core business. We found some really good hardware manufacturers. Those were the main things, the bread and butter for us.

What’s your customers’ favorite flavor?

Lucian: We have four or five big sellers. Tribeca, SubZero, Kringle’s Curse. The best seller is SubZero by far. We are recommending your brand to people.

How has our brand helped your business?

Lucian: We probably have 400 flavors, maybe more, but your brand’s customers are the most loyal customers. Tribeca, SubZero are really drivers. Cash cows.

What flavor do you like to vape?

Lucian: I really, really like Prime 15.

What does vaping mean to you?

Lucian: I don’t vape as much as I used to, but I’m really excited to see people give up smoking. Part of the satisfaction is bringing new, improved hardware that can make life easier for them.

Visit Vapetime UK today at

Note: Halo is known as Purity in the U.K.


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