Halo Retailer Spotlight: SmokeScreen of Gautier, MS

Halo Retailer Spotlight: SmokeScreen of Gautier, MS

Adam Coleman runs the Gautier, Mississippi SmokeScreen store and warehouse. Here he tells us how he gave up cigarettes for vaping and how Halo’s fight with the FDA inspired his company to sell our products.

Halo: How did you get into the vaping business?

Adam: I was a construction worker and then I started vaping and started to have a good relationship with the previous owner of SmokeScreen. They decided to bring me on as a single store manager at the time and then it just grew from there. Right after I was hired in June of 2013 we opened up (the Gautier location), then we started working on our Gulfport location, our second location that we opened up in October of 2013. We opened our third SmokeScreen location in Long Beach, Mississippi, and I did all the construction work on that store, and then moved back over to Gautier, which is a little bit closer to where I live, and started running this store and the warehouse.

Halo: What do you like best about working in this business?

Adam: Customer service. I’m really great at talking with people and I just love the customers and just being able to have a good conversation with them and get to know them. Our customers here in the Gulf Coast are fantastic.

Halo: Why did you choose to sell Halo products?

Adam: The biggest thing was when we heard that Halo was actually going to be the first one to fight the FDA with their rules and regulations. We decided as a company that we wanted to back a company that was actually going to help us. That was the main reason that we brought Halo in and Halo has just taken off from there. The best thing that vape shops can do is buy their liquid to help them with the fight against the FDA regulations. That was the deciding factor.

Halo: How do you want customers to feel when they enter SmokeScreen?

Adam: Our customers range from probably 18 years old and I have customers that come in the store that are in their 80s. We have a wide range of customers as far as age goes. We have a wide range of products that we sell. I mean we still sell eGo-T batteries and we still sell Aspire ET-S tanks. And you know coils for the ET-S tanks and we still sell coils for an E-Vod tank. A lot of the older products are what a lot of our older customers still have. We continue as best we can finding those products for those customers and when they walk in the store they just know that they’re going to have a good time while they’re here.

Halo: So, stocking older products is something unique to SmokeScreen?

Adam: Well I think it is, because a lot of the other vape shops around here are basically just stocking the newest and the greatest product. We’ll stock a lot of the older products for those customers that still have older devices and don’t want to go to a big Smok mod or a big iJoy mod or sub-ohm tanks. We have a lot of customers that just want to keep themselves from smoking and they’re not looking to blow big clouds and they’re not looking to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a brand new something every time they walk in here. They just stick to what they started with, which is usually an eGo-T 900 battery with an Aspire tank on top of it, or even an E-Vod tank or a T3 tank. And we still sell T3S coils here. We still sell iClear 30S coils because we still have customers that just absolutely love those tanks and will not give them up.

Halo: How did you get into vaping and what does it mean to you?

Adam: Well I was a 30-year smoker. I just turned 47 this year. I quit smoking five years ago by vaping and that’s what actually turned me on to this business. It was just something that stopped me from smoking and then the store owner was great with customer service. Just to be in the store talking to people and talking about their history with smoking and vaping and all that kind of stuff, it’s fantastic. That’s what drew me actually to get out of the construction business and come into the retail business.

Halo: What advice would you give to others who might want to quit smoking?

Adam: The biggest advice I would give is you need to be mentally ready to quit smoking. When people walk in our store and they’re like, “I’m looking to quit smoking but I’m not sure if I want to yet,” I say if you’re indecisive about quitting smoking you’re not going to quit smoking. If you’re mentally ready to quit smoking this product will help you quit smoking. Even when I did it took me about three months of going back and forth from cigarettes to vaping before I actually quit. When I knew that I was ready to lay the cigarettes down was when I could walk into a convenience store and not buy a pack of cigarettes. That’s when I quit.

Halo: What is your favorite Halo flavor?

Adam: I like the Tribeca. I still use a little bit of that.

Halo: What is your customers’ favorite Halo flavor?

Adam: We tried bringing other flavors in but, man, SubZero and Tribeca just sell continuously every time we order, which is usually once every four weeks to six weeks. We’re doing at least 100 bottles of SubZero and almost 100 bottles of Tribeca. That stuff is still flying out the door. People like the SubZero, that menthol. It’s a strong, strong menthol flavor. Then we sell the Backwoods Blueberry from the eVo line. Those are the ones that we sell the most, and they’ve been selling like hotcakes.

Halo: Has Halo made an impact on your business?

Adam: Yeah, because when they first came out (they were) the biggest thing. Now that it’s been around for a while people noticed on our web site that we carry Halo flavors and they’ll stop into the store to find out which ones we carry. It still draws them into the store.

Stop by and visit SmokeScreen at 4351 Gautier Vancleave Road in Gautier, Mississippi.

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