Retailer Spotlight: Downtown Vaporium of Clearwater, FL

Retailer Spotlight: Downtown Vaporium of Clearwater, FL

Downtown Vaporium owner Drew Nawoichik credits vaping with helping him quit smoking.

We recently stopped in to say hello to our friends at Downtown Vaporium, a really modern and well-stocked vape store just blocks from beautiful Clearwater Beach. Drew Nawoichik opened the shop in 2015.

During our visit, Drew took a few moments to tell us how his personal vaping journey led him to open the Downtown Vaporium. Watch the video now.

Question Index

(00:21) Why did you start selling vape products?
(00:56) What do you like most about being in this business?
(1:20) What’s the spirit or vibe of your company?
(2:21) What type of flavors do you like?
(2:48) What’s unique or special about your store?
(3:24) Is there an interesting story behind your store name?
(4:23) What type of Halo flavors do your customers prefer?
(5:32) Would you say Halo has helped your business?


We appreciated Drew’s hospitality and really enjoyed spending time in his store. You can see why in these photos!


Downtown Vaporium is located at 639 Cleveland Street in Clearwater, Florida. Stop by to see Drew and his crew — and tell them Halo sent you!

What do you think of our first video Retailer Spotlight? React or comment below!

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