Maintain Your Coils Like a Champ

Maintain Your Coils Like a Champ

There isn’t necessarily a definitive answer for how often to change your coils. It really all depends upon frequency of use, but, in general, you can expect to change the coils every two to three weeks. We have all pushed the envelope a time or two, especially without direct access to a fresh coil, but the performance of the tank will certainly suffer. As the coils develop gunk from e-liquid, your vape won’t deliver superior vapor and the flavor will become muted.

The good news is, replacing your coil is as simple as removing the coil head and switching it with another.

In order to cut down on your cost, you may reuse a replaceable coil head, however, prepare to put in additional work. Soaking the coil head in cheap vodka for 10 minutes to an hour has been known to eliminate excess grime. When finished cleaning your coil head, let it dry out for one to two days.

Replacing Coils in Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs)


Maintaining the coils for RDAs can be quite tedious, especially for vapers who prefer or are used to pre-made, store-bought coils. The major benefit of using an RDA over a tank with replaceable coil heads is that the coils can be recycled which can save you the hassle of making the trek to your local vape shop, and more importantly money.

In order to begin, remove the wick from your coil, and pulse your device until the coil turns red. Make sure to pulse the coil and avoid going full blast. When a coil is gunked up, it will have hot spots. If you push continuous wattage through a coil with an aforementioned hot spot, it will most likely overheat and the coil will break.

After burning the unwanted residue off of the coil, you’re ready to wick and vape away.


If you’re unsatisfied with the performance of your atomizer, but the coil looks fine, there could be an issue with your wick. After all, when using an RDA, there is great potential for human error.

In the occasion your wick is fastened too tight, it will prohibit the e-liquid from soaking-up quickly enough, resulting in dry hits. On the other hand, if you wick your coils too loosely, it will have difficulty reaching the full surface area of the coil, also resulting in dry hits. Be careful when cutting the ends of your wick too short, as it won’t extend to the bottom of the RDA, and therefore, cannot wick.

While you’re already changing out the wicks, we suggest firing up the coil to burn off any leftover muck.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Coils

In order to truly achieve optimal performance and the most satisfying experience out of your vaporizer, it’s imperative to regularly clean/replace your coils and wicks. In return, you’ll notice enhanced flavor and a drastic improvement in vapor production. Depending on your schedule, if time allows, clean your coils and reuse them, otherwise pick up a pack of replacement coils and continue to change them every 2-3 weeks. Exceptionally sweet e-liquids containing high levels of vegetable glycerin (VG), create a greater amount of unwanted buildup, requiring you to switch out the coil more often.

One fact that all vapers can agree on is nothing beats the experience of a fully charged vape with a fresh coil. It’s almost like vaping for the first time. Remember to routinely change and clean your coils so you can vape like a true champion!


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