Prop 56 Goes Into Effect: What Does This Mean for You?

Prop 56 Goes Into Effect: What Does This Mean for You?

Starting April 1, the Tobacco Tax Increase Initiative (Proposition 56) will go into effect and smokers in California will be taxed an additional $2 per cigarette pack – bringing the total tobacco tax to $2.87. Unfortunately for vapers, this tax will be levied on e-cigarettes as well.

So, what does this mean for you? Here are three ways Proposition 56 will affect your ability to vape.

1. Higher prices for consumers
Prop 56 will increase the price of e-cigarette products by 27.3 percent  – meaning your typical $20 bottle of e-liquid will now cost more than $25. You will also be responsible for taxes on vaping products purchased outside of California.

2. Higher prices for retailers 
The additional tax will be paid to the state by the first manufacturer, distributor, or retailer who sells the vaping product in California. Which means if you own a vape shop, the tax increase will affect the way you price your products. And unfortunately, that means higher prices for you, as a consumer.

3. Fewer vape shops
About 1,000-plus vape shops are estimated to close as customers leave and fewer new customers take their place. Big vaping manufacturers may be forced to move their headquarters out of state to avoid these excessive taxes too.

Although Prop 56 has already been passed, there are still things you can do to keep the vaping industry alive in California and throughout the United States. We suggest educating local government leaders about e-cigarettes by writing letters or setting up in-person meetings. You can find information about your local government leaders here.

Halo is committed to providing the best value for premium e-liquids, and supports vaping as an alternative to smoking. We invite you to join our movement to educate others on this alternative lifestyle. Follow us on our social media channels to stay informed of what’s going on in the industry and what we are doing to support it.

How do you see Proposition 56 affecting you personally? Let us know in the comments below.


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