How to Prepare for the Start of the NFL Season

How to Prepare for the Start of the NFL Season

Ladies and gentlemen, the day we’ve all been waiting for is here! The 2017 – 2018 NFL season couldn’t have arrived at a better time. With all the conflict in this world, for three days/nights a week we can forget about the chaos and watch our favorite teams battle it out on the gridiron.

If you’re an Atlanta Falcons fan, not to rub it in, but you’ve had the entire offseason to agonize over the heartbreaking Super Bowl LI defeat, where your team blew a 28 – 3 lead to the New England Patriots! Not to worry, it’s a brand spanking new season and every team starts with a clean slate.

However, some things that never change are how we football aficionados get ready for game day.

Game Day Attire

Whether you’re a diehard fan that hasn’t missed a game for twenty years or you scored a ticket to your first game from a friend of a friend of your neighbor’s uncle, you’re going to want to display team pride by rocking your team’s colors. If you’ve been to a game before, then you know how “passionate” football fans can be about their gear. A simple team jersey or hat will suffice.

Captain Obvious over here, but definitely check the weather prior to planning your wardrobe. For cities like Buffalo or Chicago, absolutely layer up. Wear long sleeves or a team hoodie underneath your jersey. In warmer climates such as Miami or Los Angeles, sporting your squad’s t-shirt with shorts will certainly work.

Guys, if you’ve been waiting all year to don your “2017 Super Bowl Champions” tattoo and face paint, then by all means show it off to the world and go shirtless! Just don’t jinx your team! There are even options for the conflicted. Lastly, if you value your life, DO NOT wear opposing team gear in a section full of inebriated home team fans. You’re welcome!


Enthusiastic football fanatics, cold beer, and the smell of freshly grilled meat is what pregaming is all about. Arrive extra early to the stadium to experience the comradery of an NFL tailgate — it should be on every football fan’s bucket list. Tailgates are also clutch because you don’t need to spend $20 for a hotdog and drink once inside the stadium.

For the most part, people are friendly and inviting in this family atmosphere … that is if you’re rooting for the same team! Go ahead and introduce yourself, and it doesn’t hurt to bring some ice cold brewskis to the party. Pace yourself because, oh yeah, there’s still a game to be played.

If you’re a vaper, you might want to vape up while tailgating. Some stadiums do have designated smoking sections where you can vape, but some prohibit it completely. Check with your specific stadium’s website, or get details here.

*If you’re watching the game with friends and family in the confines of your own home, be sure to have comfortable seating, an endless supply of snacks, drinks, and vapes, and bring your trash talking game.

Game Time

By now, you’re feeling pumped as you journey to your seats. A couple of tips to consider: Get your expensive snacks and use the restroom before the game begins to avoid being “that guy” who is constantly getting up causing people to miss plays. Tickets aren’t cheap, so show some etiquette.

Just like in the tailgate, be friendly with the people in your section — they are your game family. A family with a lot of crazy uncles. Football fans are extremely superstitious. Whether it be a weird position they sit in, the way they wear their clothing or even what they eat, whatever works! Just football fans being football fans!

The Patriots begin their title defense kicking off the season versus the Kansas City Chiefs tonight, September 7 at 8:30 p.m. Eastern on NBC. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!?!


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