Picks of the Season: Summer 2018

Picks of the Season: Summer 2018

Summer Solstice is here, the longest day of the year and the end of spring. Let the 2018 summer season begin! Are you ready?

As a vaper, being “ready” means having plenty of cool, refreshing, smooth e-liquid flavors on hand for the coming months. We’re here to help you with some perfect suggestions. Kick back and enjoy!


People don’t generally associate frostbite with summer, but they should! With invigorating peppermint and spearmint flavors, this mint-menthol masterpiece is so cool and crisp it practically stings!

Tribeca Nic Salt

If you’ve never had Tribeca as a nic salt and you want more of a cigarette-like nicotine sensation, our most popular e-liquid is the place to start. The tobacco flavor remains smooth, even at nicotine levels up to 50mg/ml. Pair nic salts with compact, no-fuss devices — perfect for beach vaping!

Tribeca is still available in a standard non-nic salt version, of course!

Wild Watermelon Nic Salt

What’s summer without the flavor of watermelon? This sweet, juicy eVo favorite comes as both a nic salt for extra potency, as well as in a standard e-liquid version.

Backwoods Blueberry

Camp out with the fresh flavor of blueberries! The intoxicating aroma and taste of this smooth, sweet summer selection will draw you in and keep you smiling all season.

Turkish Tobacco

Summer is a time to travel to new places. Whether you plan to hit the road or chill out at home, Turkish Tobacco is an exotic destination you can enjoy anywhere.


Piña coladas were made for summer. This longtime Halo favorite is based on that sweet, fruity, satisfying drink, and throws in a menthol finish. Mmm, Malibu!

What do you think of these flavor suggestions? What are you planning to vape this summer? Let us know by reacting or commenting below!

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs, LLC, owner of the Halo and Halo Cigs marks.

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