Picks of the Season: Spring 2018

Picks of the Season: Spring 2018

Now that we have survived winter and losing an hour to daylight saving time, we can look forward to all that spring has to offer. Spring cleaning, warmer weather, and beautiful flowers.

Here are five of our e-liquid picks for this season to help you get into your springtime groove.

Café Mocha

Still feeling the chill from winter and feel the need to warm up? Nothing will thaw you out from winter better than Café Mocha. The perfect blend of sweet mocha and hazelnut will warm your soul and improve your mornings.


If you feel like you are going to miss the cooler weather, then Mystic is for you! With its combination of lively peppermint and refreshingly sweet spearmint, you will certainly feel like winter is still hanging around. The cold never bothered you anyway.


Have a craving for something sweet, but you don’t want to break that New Year’s resolution you’re still working on? Devlin will certainly hit the spot without making you gain any unwanted weight. Feel free to indulge your sweet tooth with the rich taste of smooth caramel.

Pirate’s Creed

Longing to get out into the open ocean? Then set sail and feel the warm breeze with Pirate’s Creed! Feed your need for adventure with this pipe tobacco blend of cured Virginia and Oriental base with Latakia spice. A pirate’s life for you!


Shh! Those twittering birds outside are quite loud when they want to be, which is usually before you wake up for the day. Whisper will give you some much-needed quiet time with its light tobacco, dried plum, and sweet caramel flavors.

Well, what do you think of our list? What flavors will you be vaping this spring? Let us know by reacting or commenting below.


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