The Perfect Gift for the Vaper in Your Life

The Perfect Gift for the Vaper in Your Life

It’s that time of year again; time to go shopping for those holiday gifts. Time to pull your hair out, trying to figure out just what, exactly, your friends and family want this year. When it comes to the vapers on your list, why not get them what they really want? Vaping supplies! Maybe a new tank or an e-liquid or two? They make the perfect gift!

Suggestions for the Vaper in Your Life

If your friends are new to vaping, they may need hardware. And even if they aren’t new to vaping, no one says ‘No’ to an upgrade! We all have to replace our hardware at some time or other, so new coils, new batteries or even a whole new kit would be appreciated. And everyone, whether they’re a newbie or an expert, loves a new e-liquid or two. Stuff their stockings full of new flavors and they will love you for it.

  • Vape Pen Starter Kits: Every vaper needs a vape pen. Buy them a Triton II this year. The Triton II is the perfect starter kit. It’s convenient, fits in their pocket, and comes equipped with everything they need: two batteries, a USB charger, a wall charger, two glass tanks, two coil heads, two mouthpieces, and more. Even better, it’s very affordable. It won’t break the bank. It’s the perfect gift!
  • E-Liquids: E-liquids really do make great stocking stuffers. Whether it’s a taste you know they’ll love or a flavor you think might be new to them, go for it. Vapers tend to enjoy trying new flavors, and as experienced vapers know, it’s always good to give your tried and true flavor a rest so as not to bore your palette! Some great suggestions are:

‘Holiday’ flavors: Stick to a seasonal theme and put together a bundle of holiday flavors. Buy them ‘Belgian Cocoa’, a rich, chocolate flavor that will remind them of Mom’s hot cocoa on cold winter mornings; ‘Kringle’s Curse’, a peppermint-flavored e-liquid that will have them thinking of nothing but the holidays; and ‘Subzero’. Whether it really is cold outside or not, ‘Subzero’ is an intense cool mint burst that any vaper will enjoy. These flavors are all about the winter.

Tropical flavors: Speaking of themes, you might opt to take their minds off the cold temps outside and purchase some tropical flavors. Put together an ‘island-themed’ array of flavors they will really enjoy. Include flavors like ‘Tropical Paradox’, a flavor filled with fresh pineapple and coconut notes; ‘Cobalt Crush’, a blast of tropical fruit punch; and ‘Cryptic Blast’ an e-liquid which is full of exotic fruit flavors. This is a bundle of flavors that will leave them feeling as if they’re on a tropical island…even if they’re stuck in the snow.

  • Apparel: Finally, to ‘cap’ it all off, find a tee or hat sporting the logos of their favorite brands.
  • Gift Cards: And if all else fails, or you need a little something extra to stash in their holiday card or stocking, give them a gift card. It’s the perfect way to ensure they get just what they want this year!

This year, buy the vapers on your list gifts they won’t want to return! They’ll think of you fondly as they vape and the ‘Thanks!’ you hear will truly be heartfelt.

Happy shopping; we hope you find the perfect gift! In the comments, tell us what you plan to buy for the vapers on your list!

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