Money Saving Tips for Vapers

Money Saving Tips for Vapers

When you began vaping or started to consider life as a vaper, you were probably told vaping would save you money over smoking ‘regular’ cigarettes. However, now that you’re buying e-liquids hand over fist, you may beg to differ with those who told you that. Take heart, though, there are some simple ways to save money as a vaper (and maybe even make a little money…). Here are our money saving tips for vapers:

Deal Alerts

There are some deal sites online that give you cash back when you shop using them. Some even offer downloadable ‘assistants’ which will alert you anytime you happen onto a site which offers you cash back for shopping (and a number of e-liquid sites do). These sites also keep track of promo codes and coupons and will let you know if there’s one available when you shop. Typically, this cash back will be paid to you monthly, or quarterly, depending on the site, and it’s usually paid via PayPal.

Additionally, you can sign up for alerts from deal sites. Simply plug in the retailers you shop with and those deal sites will email you each and every time a sale or a promo code pops up!

Referrals and Affiliate Links

You can also refer friends to your favorite vape shops to score cash to use online. Most online retailers provide you with a code or a link that you can share via email or social media. When a friend shops through your link, you get store credit. If you have a website or blog, you can often sign up to be an affiliate. The vape shop will ask you to fill out some info and then give you a code to post on your site. It will then track everyone who visits via your link. These links usually pay cash if the visitor makes a purchase.

Email Signup

If you typically shop online for all of your vape products, signup for emails from every site you shop with. They’ll periodically send you promo codes to help you save big on their products, and often those promo codes are only available to those on the email lists.

Social Media Contests

Another of our favorite money saving tips is to follow your favorite brands on social media in order to be notified about contests, samples, and giveaways. New vendors are always trying to get their products, and their names, out there, so these giveaways tend to happen often.


Of course, just like with anything else, in order to save money, you need to set up a budget. Set up a weekly, or monthly, e-liquid budget and stick to it.

Buy in Bulk 

Consider buying e-liquids in bulk. A lot of e-liquid vendors will offer you lower prices if you purchase larger quantities. If it’s not mentioned on their site, simply shoot them an email and ask. Never hurts to try!

So, what are your money saving tips when it comes to vaping? Any secrets you’d like to share? We are all ears!


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