Introducing our High-VG V-Type E-Liquids

Introducing our High-VG V-Type E-Liquids

Halo is always looking ahead to provide for the marketplace. We heard your call for sub-ohm vaping, so we brought you the Reactor and Tracer. We also knew you’d need e-liquid for your new hardware, so we took our most popular flavors and reformulated them for high VG. Our high-VG line, which we have dubbed V-Type, includes some of our best-selling e-liquids, giving vapers an all-new way to enjoy their favorite vapes. But enough from us, let’s hear what you have to say:

Tribeca V-Type

Tribeca, our all-time classic juice, is now available in high-VG. Vapers have loved it so much that they keep writing the best reviews ever. Here is what Toni wrote in his review of Tribeca on our website:

“After trying the original Tribeca, I didn’t think it could get any better—I thought wrong. You’ve got the warm, silky caramel notes on the inhale, a very mellow vanilla on the exhale, all of which is rounded out by that good old nostalgic tobacco flavor many of us know and love. The vapor production is top-notch (for those of you who care). … Everything about this product is perfect, and it’s all geared towards our benefit.”

Kringle’s Curse V-Type

There is a reason why one of the most popular YouTube vapers, EpicEcigReviews, named Kringle’s Curse “the best menthol-flavored E-juice.” Period. And so will you, as soon as you try it in high VG.

Turkish Tobacco V-Type

The truth is that Turkish Tobacco’s aroma and taste are intense. Just as Larry, a Halo vaper, commented:

“Just got a bottle of this today (3 mg/ml, High VG) to try in my Halo Reactor. Oh MY! Been vaping the Tribeca which I really like, but this juice is just as good! It’s different than the Tribeca—more earthy but smooth and delicious with a very pleasant aftertaste. Try it—you’ll like it!”

Prime15 V-Type

If you like authentic tobacco taste, we are sure you’ll think Prime15 is an amazing all-day vape. Just like J Guns, one of our amazing Halons, said: “Smooth, clean flavor. Very reminiscent of actual cigarette flavor, think higher end.”

Malibu V-Type

If you are more of a “light throat hit” kind of vaper and you are looking for a smooth vaping juice, Malibu will do the job for you. Let’s take a look at its reviews:

“This liquid is incredible. The taste is sweet but not too sweet. The VG juice is better than I imagined. It’s smooth on inhale and even better on exhale” –Richard

“I don’t usually like sweet juices, but this one is amazing! It has a nice light tropical flavor with a hint of menthol—genius!” –Sam

Thank you, guys!

Devlin V-Type

If vapor production is what you need when using your e-cig, Devlin is what you’ve been looking for. If you have found the Tribeca e-liquid to have too much tobacco flavor for your needs, you should definitely consider getting Devlin. Just like YouTuber Positive Smash suggests:

Belgian Cocoa V-TYPE

Four and a half years ago, YouTuber RiP Trippers, who now counts more than half a million subscribers, reviewed the original, non-high-VG Belgian Cocoa e-liquid and described it as “excellent.” Imagine what he would say now if he vaped the high-VG version.

Black Calico V-Type

Rebecca, another fellow vaper, recently left the following comment about the Black Calico e-liquid:

“Black Calico is my all-time favorite! I’ve tried many different brands and flavors of e-juice, but Black Calico really works for me. It’s a perfect blend of tobacco and sweet vanilla! I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a natural tobacco flavor with a little sweetness.”

The truth is that, in under 50 words, she perfectly described the product.

So, if you believe you are ready to elevate your vaping experience, make sure you get that Halo high-VG e-liquid right away! If you have already tried our new V-TYPE e-liquids, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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