The Indy 500 Experience

The Indy 500 Experience

The engines roar. The tires screech and smoke. The Indy 500, an American tradition since 1911, revs up again.

The big race is Sunday, May 28. Concerts (Keith Urban and the Steve Miller Band are featured this year) and other events start Friday. Practice and time trials on the track began in mid-May.

This year promises some exciting new twists, as Formula One champ Fernando Alonso gives up some of the world’s top street tracks to zip around the Indy 500’s big oval.

Of course, with 500 miles/200 laps worth of action, endless thrills, and the potential for anything to happen, the Indy 500 always delivers a good time.

Perfect excuse to throw a party, eh?

Laps Around Your Living Room

Taking place during Memorial Day weekend — the official start of summer for many in the U.S., even if the calendar disagrees — the Indy 500 calls for a cookout. Burgers. Hotdogs. Chicken wings. Ribs. Veggie kebabs (hey, it’s a thing). Whatever you like to eat. And a cooler stocked with a certain hoppy beverage.

Back inside, your recliner, the best seat anyone could have for the event, is waiting. Admit it — more than once you’ve pretended the recliner’s handle was a race car gear shifter. Even when you weren’t watching auto racing. It’s ok, we understand.

Want to go all out with an Indy 500-themed party? You’ll find some great ideas for food, decorations, etc., here.

The Right Side of the Track(s)

If you’ll be at Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) for the race, you’re going to have a blast! But be ready. You’ll need sunblock, shades, earplugs (it gets LOUD), a hat, and a highly flexible neck that can continuously rotate right and left for three hours. Imagine watching a really noisy tennis match … in slow-motion.

Off the track, the infield is the center of the action. Literally. You can watch the race from the inside out. There’s VIP seating, viewing mounds, an Indy HOF Museum, and the Snake Pit — an outdoor venue that hosts a huge electronic dance music fest. DJ Marshmello will take the stage just minutes after the green starting flag falls this year.

Be sure to have your camera handy for those history-making moments, cars that drive “outside the lines,” and photo finishes.

Eat My Vapor

So, what about vaping? If you’re hosting a party at home, go to town!

Smoking is allowed in the IMS grandstands and select areas until October 2017. Since vaping restrictions are typically (and unfairly) lumped in with smoking ones, vaping is probably also still allowed for now. But don’t take our word for it — consult the Indy 500 website or customer service.

Picking the right vape for the race is nearly as important as picking the right driver. Put some horses under the hood by filling your tank with the unfiltered tobacco flavor of Torque 56, or hold on tight for the powerful throat hit of Freedom Juice. Looking to cool your engines? SubZero menthol is a sure thing. Or back a longtime champ — the award-winning, smooth tobacco taste of Tribeca.

Whatever you’re doing on race day, have fun and be safe!

Halo celebrates America’s love affair with cars and speed in this nitro-fueled playlist. Rev her up and enjoy! (NOTE: We are not responsible for any speeding tickets.)

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