Historical Celebrities: What Would They Vape?

Historical Celebrities: What Would They Vape?

What would famous smokers vape if they were alive today? It’s a question that’s been asked millions of times by millions of people.

O.K., no, it hasn’t. That doesn’t mean it’s not a good one. The golden age was filled with larger than life actors and musicians—historical celebrities—with equally grandiose personalities. It was a different time back then. Nobody was telling John Wayne, “hey, put that out!” And if anyone ever did, we doubt it ended well for them.

But those times are over, “back in the day” has transformed into a new day where people vape. Which begs the question, if those famous smokers of yesteryear were still around today, what would they vape?

Here’s a look at some larger-than-life celebrities from another era along with our best guess as to what it is they would be vaping today, based on their personalities and proclivities.

John Wayne

John Wayne Smoking - Halo BlogThe Duke, who starred in over 200 movies, was one of the most famous actors in American history. John Wayne was so famous, so American, that the Soviet Union green-lit his assassination should the chance ever present itself—the USSR felt his death would strike grievously at American morale. Wayne was so American that before approaching a lesser-known actor, Ronald Reagan, about running for office the Republican party approached Wayne. So what would he vape is he were around today?

Our guess: Longhorn

Our Reason: Longhorn is a bold mix of Corojo and Cavendish tobacco that tastes just like a hand-rolled cigar—need we say more? If you’ve ever seen one of The Duke’s movies, there’s a good chance you saw him rolling his own cigarettes. It was kind of his thing. So why would he want his E-liquid to taste any differently?

James Dean

James Dean Smoking - Halo BlogBefore his premature death, James Dean was the epitome of the cool rebel. Women loved him, men wanted to be him. And no, before we go any further—this is not the sausage guy. That’s JIMMY Dean, who incidentally was also a country music singer but couldn’t rock a leather jacket nearly as well as James. JAMES Dean was an Academy Award Winning actor who starred in just seven movies before dying in an automobile racing accident. Which, if you wanted the answer for how you top being a movie star and a sex symbol, that’s it—add race car driver to your resume. So what would he vape if he were around today?

Our Guess: Freedom Juice

Our Reason: C’mon. What else would he vape? Despite being told not to race the man longed for the freedom of the open road and nothing tastes better on the open road – with the hot air whipping through your hair – than Freedom Juice.

George Burns

George Burns Smoking a Cigar - Halo BlogGeorge Burns was one of the most famous entertainers of all-time, with a career that spanned across several different generations of entertainment—from vaudeville to film and radio to television. The man lived until he was 100 years old (1896-1996) and was famous for his plumes of cigar smoke, his black owl glasses and his raised eyebrow. He’s probably best known for teaming up with Gracie Allen (his wife of 38 years) but he also has three stars on the Hollywood Walk of fame (one for TV, one for film and one for live performance) and an academy award for best supporting actor in 1975’s The Sunshine Boys. So what would he vape if he were around today?

Our Guess: Cordoba

Our Reason: Cordoba is a rich blend of woodsy tobacco notes with an ample helping of smooth sweet caramel flavor. Look, the man who was famous for his cigar would vape nothing less than an E-liquid with the taste and aroma of a fine cigar—and that’s Cordoba.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra Smoking - Halo BlogOl’ Blue Eyes was as iconic an American celebrity as they come. He was a singer, an actor and the leader of the Rat Pack—he also might have had mob ties. Sinatra just oozed cool. Not only did he win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1953’s From Here to Eternity, he won three more for Best Original Song in 1954, 1957 and 1959—not to mention he also hosted the Academy Awards twice. But beyond a bunch of Oscar glory, it’s hard to talk about American pop culture in the 50’s (and beyond) without Sinatra. The man truly was larger than life and continues to be celebrated to this day—nearly 20 years after his death. So what would he vape if he were around today?

Our Guess: Tribeca

Our Reason: Few E-liquids can compete with the level of ubiquity that Tribeca has achieved within the vaping industry in much the same way that few entertainers could ever hope to compete with the ubiquity Sinatra achieved in the entertainment industry. It’s just that simple.

Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby Smoking - Halo BlogBing was a different kind of guy. Perhaps most famous for his distinctive singing voice and his award-winning rendition of ‘White Christmas’ – which is still the best version of that song, we might add – Crosby had a decorated acting career that saw him win a slew of awards for portraying, amongst other things, priests, soldiers and famous singers (what a stretch). For his straight-laced persona though, he did have a rebellious side. For instance on the set of the 1954 movie White Christmas, after production had wrapped, the entire cast was assembled to “re-shoot” the film’s final scene while the King and Queen of Greece toured the set. Not Crosby though. When told of the plan he quietly jumped the movie studio’s fence and left to play a round of golf.

Our Guess: Black Calico

Our Reason: Crosby was photographed regularly puffing on his pipe and Black Calico – a sophisticated E-liquid that pays homage to Danish-style pipe tobacco – seems like it would be right up his alley.

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash Smoking - Halo BlogThe ‘Man in Black’ was a different kind of rebel. Whether he was playing to a prison full of inmates or a concert hall full of paying fans—Cash walked the line. Few musicians have done more for the evolution of a genre than Cash did for Country. But his appeal extended beyond just country music, as is evidenced by his induction into the Country, Rock and Roll and Gospel Music Halls of Fame. The man also had one of the most distinctive voices in the history of American music—a growling deep bass-baritone that fit perfectly with his rebelliousness and the subject matter he covered in much of his music. So what would he vape if he were around today?

Our Guess: Torque 56

Our Reason: There’s nothing fancy about Torque 56 – no frills – it’s just unfiltered tobacco taste with a serious throat hit. Who does that sound like? We thought so too.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein Smoking - Halo BlogAlbert Einstein wasn’t really a celebrity, per se, he was actually a German-born theoretical physicist. But his place in American pop culture is undeniable. His name has become synonymous with intelligence – hey, look at Einstein, over here –  which, makes sense considering he came up with the theory of relativity, helped create the atom bomb and studied a whole range of topics that would leave the average person’s head spinning. Few have, or ever will, accomplish as much in the scientific community as Einstein did in his 76 years on Earth. So what would he vape if he were around today?

Our Guess: Captain Jack

Our Reason: Captain Jack is a pipe tobacco blend with a reckless throat hit that is said to be a little harsh—not unlike Einstein, whom Robert Oppenheimer once opined was a little bit short on conventional social graces himself.

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