Help Us Save Lives Starting Now

Help Us Save Lives Starting Now

By now you’ve no doubt read or heard about our “F#©k Politics. Save Lives.” blog post. Indeed, it has caused quite a stir with its direct, unrepentant call to action.

We won’t restate that post here, but we encourage you to read it yourself. We hope you do so with an open mind and consider our benevolent intent. When a tool that can potentially save a billion lives is being suppressed the way e-cigarettes are, it makes us angry. You should be angry, too.

What to do with that anger? Something productive. We want to talk to you now about how you can help us save lives.

“Save lives” is the message. It’s our message going forward, and you can help by making it your message, too. If you believe in the lifesaving potential of e-cigarettes, make sure others believe, too. Below are a few ways you can do that, as well as sprinkling of positive news. (We could all use that right now.)

Reach Out to Lawmakers

It seems as if every day more laws that restrict vaping are being passed or proposed. While we can all agree e-cigarettes should be an age-restricted product, it’s important for anyone who wants to support vaping to watch their city, county, and state for anti-vaping laws that go too far. In these laws, e-cigarettes are most often lumped together with traditional combustible tobacco cigarettes, even as FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., himself recently said:

“Cigarettes are the only (emphasis added) legal consumer product that, when used as intended, will kill half of all long-term users.”

Applying tobacco cigarette laws to e-cigarettes creates misleading perceptions and confusion among the public about e-cigarettes, preventing wider acceptance of them as a strong alternative to smoking. At best, this is unfair. At worst, it’s going to cost lives.

It’s important to learn your lawmakers’ stances on e-cigarettes. Contact those who are on record as being anti-vaping, or who are sponsoring or supporting anti-vaping laws, and respectfully but passionately explain why you believe e-cigarettes are an important tool for saving lives. If applicable, tell them what vaping has done for you or someone you love.

Here’s a great resource that will show you how you can contact elected officials from the federal level all the way down to your local government.

Reach Out to Family and Friends

Though you or your loved ones may have your own vaping success stories, there may be many who don’t know about how e-cigarettes have impacted your life. Tell them! Share your own story with friends, family, and colleagues. You may end up inspiring a smoker who’s ready to make a change in their life. You may also inspire those with no connection to vaping to see e-cigarettes in a new light. They can become valuable allies and join in encouraging smokers to make the switch. Remember, if you vape, people close to you are more likely to believe the “save lives” message from a trusted person like you than they are from a company that sells the product.

Keep Hope Alive

There is still some hope for the vaping industry and its lifesaving potential through pending legislation in Congress. The Cole-Bishop Amendment, introduced in 2016 by Reps. Tom Cole (R-OK) and Sanford Bishop (D-GA), will change the effective date of the FDA’s Deeming Rule” from February 15th, 2007 to August 8th, 2016, if passed. This would relieve a major financial burden on the e-cigarette industry, enabling it to survive and save more lives. A vote is expected in October 2017.

There is also some hope within the FDA itself. In late July, the FDA extended the premarket application deadline through August 8, 2022, five years later than its original implementation date. In a widely broadcast speech, FDA Commissioner Gottlieb (quoted above) emphasized that burning tobacco creates the greatest known health risks, not nicotine. Further, he stated the FDA needs to “strike the right balance between FDA fulfilling its vital consumer protection role while also fostering innovation when it comes to potentially less harmful forms of nicotine delivery.” While he didn’t specify that innovation as e-cigarettes, he seemed to be pointing in that direction.

Take Action Now

A few positive signs doesn’t mean it’s time to get comfortable. Just the opposite. It’s time to dig in our heels and fight for the future of vaping, which can mean a much more hopeful future for many current smokers. As we’ve stated, there are a growing number of anti-vaping laws throughout the country. So spread the word now. Take action now. Make a call. Write an email. Speak to one friend, or a lot of friends. These laws and the politicians who support them will ultimately not prevail if a majority of the public is against them. Join with us in getting the message out.

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