Halo’s Guide to The Walking Dead Midseason Finale

Halo’s Guide to The Walking Dead Midseason Finale


In this blog, we go over events that have happened so far in Season 8 of The Walking Dead. If you aren’t caught up on all the episodes before the midseason finale, you might not want to read this yet.

You have been warned.

Season 8 Recap

This was another suspenseful season. So many things had us on the edge of our seats: Gregory betrayed the Hilltop for Negan, Eric died, Morales held Rick at gunpoint, Jesus and Morgan were both almost killed by Saviors, Father Gabriel got trapped in a trailer with Negan, the Kingdom’s soldiers were gunned down, Shiva got eaten, Carl was almost bitten, and the Scavengers tried to kill Rick with a walker. This season has caused so many feelings. During each episode, all we could think was “I’m in a glass case of emotion.”

Our Predictions

Well, it seems like Negan and his group killed all the walkers that got into the Sanctuary. The midseason finale preview shows Rick and members of the Scavengers walking up to the Sanctuary, then someone starts shooting at them. The preview also shows Carl and Michonne in Alexandria, and Negan can be heard saying, “You lose, it’s over.” Many of the Saviors probably stayed at the Sanctuary while some of them left with Negan to go to Alexandria. This episode is going to show a battle between those in Alexandria and the Saviors. Rick is away from Alexandria, but Carl and the others will have to fight the Saviors themselves.

After TWD Episode 7, the intro of Talking Dead included Chris Hardwick mentioning that TWD midseason finale will involve something shocking. We’re thinking that Negan will finally be killed, and it could be Carl who does it. Rick and the Scavengers will kill the rest of the Saviors inside the Sanctuary (even Eugene), but save the workers.

Either way, some cast members will be lost, and we can only hope Negan’s one of them.

What to Vape While Watching the Midseason Finale

Café Mocha is a good choice to help you get through the 90-minute episode. If watching all the action doesn’t give you enough adrenaline, Café Mocha’s robust flavor can give you the extra boost you need.

Voodoo reminds us of Rick’s personality. Rick can be both sweet and salty, similar to Voodoo. This flavor has a sugar and spice taste with vanilla notes, grape, and plum.

Rick and the others are fighting for freedom from Negan, so Freedom Juice would be a perfect vape during the midseason finale. Freedom Juice is a mild e-liquid with the flavor of Virginia tobacco and a sweet finish.

The flavors of Malibu will take you to a calmer place during the stressful situations throughout the episode. Malibu is comparable to a piña colada with tropical flavors and refreshing menthol finish.

So, what Halo flavors will you be vaping while watching The Walking Dead midseason finale? And what do you think is going to happen in the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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