Halo’s Flavor Friday: Dessert is Served

Halo’s Flavor Friday: Dessert is Served

Turn your taste buds inside out with the sweet pastry flavor of Twisted Turnover. Tart apples. Flaky crust that you can practically feel crumbling in your mouth. Perhaps a dash of cinnamon. Dig into this delectable dessert vape now.

This e-liquid is a great choice for this time of year! Take a look at this review:

Jay says “Twisted Turnover reminds me of fresh baked pies on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. You can really taste the flaky pie crust and baked apples in it. I’ll be buying some more of this for the holiday season!”

VapeWithMe described Twisted Turnover as “tons of clouds, tons of flavor, smooth on inhale, smooth of the exhale; definitely two thumbs up.” Watch her review:


Positive Smash 420 thinks Twisted Turnover is very tasty. Check out her review:



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