Halo’s Flavor Friday: Keep Your Cool

With a strong throat hit and smooth finish, Menthol ICE really makes an impact:

“What a blast! Menthol ICE is an icy yet smooth flavor sensation that grips you on the first breath. Full, thick vapor. A touch of sweetness. And a throat hit that’ll stop you in your tracks. Experience the exhilaration!”

Halo customers everywhere think Menthol ICE is a great way to chill:

David raves, “Wow. What can I say? I can vape this stuff all day and not get bored. Menthol ICE has a great throat hit that is incredibly smooth. This has to be my favorite menthol flavor I have ever tried. I tend to vape this mostly at night before bed as I find it incredibly relaxing. Buy this, you won’t regret it.”

Larry calls it “An outstanding menthol,” adding, “Menthol ICE is a favorite of mine and (I) vape it daily. I think this is the best menthol on the market, and you will keep going back for more … Just try it and become a believer too!!!”

Louis says, “Back before I found Halo two years ago, I looked for a good menthol everywhere and was disappointed until I found Halo. Amazing is all I can say about this e-liquid. All the other menthols I tried tasted like a really bad candy cane but, this menthol is great. It has a little sweetness to it and a nice throat hit. If you’re a menthol smoker, then I highly recommend adding this to your cart for a good all-day vape.”

Sarah says, “The balance is just right with menthol and sweetness. The menthol is not overpowered or underpowered like other brands. I can vape this all day without any loss of flavor.”

Shaun raves, “Menthol ICE is hands down the best menthol e-liquid out there. Two thumbs up!”

And Holly says Menthol ICE is “Intensely refreshing,” and “an awesome blend of menthol that was strong enough to awaken my taste buds. It was intense, refreshing, and a joy to puff. I usually switch flavors pretty frequently but this was one I kept coming back to over and over again.”

Are you cool with Menthol ICE? Let us know in the comments below!


The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and Halo Cigs marks.

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