Halo Travel Guide: Miami/West Palm Beach

Halo Travel Guide: Miami/West Palm Beach

Halo headed down south this month to explore the beautiful sights of West Palm Beach and Miami, Florida. This time it was an all-girls trip with my fellow veep (vaping peep), Kendall. What happens in Miami, stays in Miami. But here’s what we can talk about. 😉


That’s “food” in Spanish if you didn’t know. Most people in South Florida (specifically Miami) speak Spanish, but communicating with people is not a problem.

Alright, let’s dig in to the delicious delights you’ll find down south because I know that’s what you came here for.

Nick’s Diner: When we researched top restaurants to visit in West Palm Beach, Nick’s Diner was near the top of the list, and we quickly found out why. I wouldn’t consider West Palm Beach part of the South, but you definitely get that sweet, southern hospitality when you eat at Nick’s. We went there for breakfast and our food was out super quick, and it was great! We had a nice chat with one of the servers about our trip and he shared with us historic details about the diner.

Avocado Grill: If you’re looking to enjoy refreshing plates among a relaxed and friendly setting, then Avocado Grill is the place to go. It’s located in Downtown West Palm Beach, and within walking distance to the intercoastal waterway and Meyer Amphitheater (more on that later). The food was amazing! If you eat here, you must order their chips and guac. It’s not called the Avocado Grill for nothing.

The Salty Donut: In the words of Colonel Sanders, this place is “finger lickin’ good!” I got the Guava + Cheese donut (24-hour raised brioche donut with guava and cream cheese filling, cream cheese glaze, topped with Galleta Maria crumble), and my mouth tingled with excitement.

Versailles Restaurant Cuban Cuisine: Known as The World’s Most Famous Cuban Restaurant, Versailles is the place to eat in Miami for an authentic Cuban meal. Kendall ordered the croquette sandwich, and I tried their famous cuban sandwich. If they ask, stick to the “regular” size – that’s what we ordered, and it was more than enough.

The Big Pink: The name suggests this is a place I would like because pink is my life – you should see my closet. The building is pink, the tables are pink, and the menus are pink. They even have a pink VW Bug to deliver to-go orders in. The Big Pink delivers on big meals too. You won’t leave here feeling hungry!


Brightly Colored Views

Florida is known for its pristine beaches, and it gets better the farther south you go. We started our trip in West Palm Beach, and although we didn’t make it to the beach, we saw plenty of insta worthy views.

CityPlace: This upscale community is the perfect place to get in some retail therapy. And with the different restaurants to choose from, you could make it an all-day event!

Meyer Amphitheatre at Sunfest Park: After you eat at the Avocado Grill, across the street is the Meyer Amphitheatre. This open-air waterfront venue hosts a great spot for pictures, picnics, and occasionally events and concerts.

Flagler Museum (Whitehall): A 75-room Gilded Age mansion open to the public for tours. We didn’t have time to explore the inside of the museum, but the outside was just as impressive.


Next stop was Miami and the heat was definitely turned on! The only thing missing was our Save Lives swimsuits, which should totally be a thing! Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen when you visit these places.

Miami Beach: Miami Beach was just how you’d picture it – white sand, blue green water, wind blowing through your hair, the smell of tanning oil, the sounds of waves crashing on the shore. Take me back!

Art Deco District: As you walk down the famous Ocean Drive, you may notice several historic buildings with a decorative art style of the 1920s and 1930s (also known as Art Deco). These buildings are characterized by bold geometric shapes and rich colors. Many of these buildings are still the original hotels they were when they were first built.

Bayfront Park: Escape the busyness of downtown Miami in Bayfront Park’s 32-acres of green space. There you can enjoy the waterfront views or take a walk down to Freedom Tower (a National Historic Landmark).

Wynwood Walls: Remember when I visited St. Pete, and I mentioned how almost every building has a mural on it? Well, St. Pete has nothing on the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami. Every part of every building features huge, colorful street murals by artists from around the globe. It’s a great place to get some modeling shots in! Werk it!


Diverse Culture

The unique thing about South Florida is that there is a variety of diverse cultures to experience. Some areas are heavily Spanish speaking and some are English. You can visit places like Little Haiti for a taste of Haitian culture, or Little Havana for a taste of Cuban culture. You get a feel for everything down there. We even experienced some vape culture when we visited our friends at The Village Vapor in West Palm Beach.

Need to get away? Keep West Palm Beach and Miami in mind when you plan. And don’t forget to keep this post handy during your travels.

We’d love to hear about new places to see; so comment below if there’s something we missed.


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