Halo Retailer Spotlight: Vape Escapes of Arizona

Halo Retailer Spotlight: Vape Escapes of Arizona

Vape Escapes owners Peter and Amanda Rice, and Brandon LaFaye, got into the vape business to help people quit smoking. Now, their whole business motto is just to help people.

Halo: How did you become a vape retailer?

Amanda: I started vaping before my husband did, and I actually was not even a smoker. I just enjoyed it. It was kind of like a stress reliever for me. So, I just enjoyed vaping. Then, my husband got into it. We actually were in the Glendale area, went into the shop, and just absolutely loved it. It’s very nice, it’s a higher-end store in a nice area and it’s a cool spot. We fell in love with it and definitely wanted to be a part of it. Especially, with the mindset of just helping people.

Halo: Is there an interesting story behind your store name?

Amanda: The previous owners actually came up with the name, so I’m not sure where they came up with “Vape Escapes.” I think it’s the whole beach theme. We’re out in Arizona, we don’t have a beach or anything like that out here. We’ve owned it since May 2017, but the Vape Escapes name has been around for about five years.

Halo: Why did you go into this business?

Amanda: We’re solely in business to help people quit smoking. So, that’s our main goal. We have a ton of success stories and that’s what really keeps us going. With the patches and the medications, they’re not getting that sensation. It’s the habit that’s hard to kick. That’s what I hear from people who smoked for most of their lives. Being able to still inhale something and exhale it and have something in their hand makes all the difference in the world. (With) Chantix, you have the suicidal thoughts and depression. The side effects are a mile long. It’s crazy!

Halo: What does vaping mean to you?

Amanda: It’s just a stress reliever for me. And it’s fun. I like all the different flavors. I like trying new flavors. All the stuff that comes out, it’s a lifestyle.

Halo: What is the vibe of Vape Escapes?

Amanda: We have very, very well-qualified and trained employees. We have a lot of new customers who come in but mainly regular customers who come in constantly. A lot of times they come in just to hang out because they like hanging out with our employees and our staff. Our whole business motto is just helping people, and whether they come in and buy something or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s a family place, a people place. They bring their pets. It’s a fun place to be.

Halo: Do you see a lot of the same faces?

Amanda: We do, we have a ton. We love seeing our regular customers. People come in, they bring their laptops, and they vape. They may not even buy anything, they just hang out in the little lounge. It’s just nice to see all those familiar faces. We want to target more people, get new customers to come in, but it’s nice having all of our loyal customers. And we do have a loyalty program for our existing customers and new ones who come in, so they get cash back on all their purchases. We have a lot of loyal customers who don’t go anywhere else.

Halo: What’s special about your store?

Amanda: We want all of our customers to feel like they have escaped to vaping paradise when they walk through our doors. It’s very comfortable. We have two very nice couches. We have tables people can set up. We have a coffee maker, they can have coffee. We have water. It’s just a very comfortable setting. We have a big bar that goes around, we have all our sampling right there. Then the other end of the store is where we have all our mods and devices.


Halo: Do your customers have a favorite Halo flavor?

Amanda: We haven’t even rolled it out yet, but we’ve had a lot of calls before I actually ordered it, asking if we carried Halo because as far as I know, there’s nowhere around us that carries it. The closest one is like downtown Phoenix. I always ask our employees, “What are people asking for?” Cause we get calls all the time, “Do you guys carry this, do you carry that?” And they told me we get tons of calls asking for Halo and we don’t carry it. So, I’m like, “OK, let’s carry it.” People want it, we’ll get it. So, we definitely had a lot of calls and people come in asking for it.

And it’s funny because I’ve always loved the fruity flavors, I’ve never even attempted a tobacco flavor. The Prime 15 is to die for! That was my favorite out of all the ones that Halo sent. I just thought that was so funny that I’ve never liked a tobacco and I could vape that all day long.

Halo: So, Prime 15 would be your favorite Halo flavor?

Amanda: Yeah, and Kringle’s Curse. I love that one. We have a similar one, but the Kringle’s Curse is just really good. Especially for the holidays, it’s perfect!

Vape Escapes is located at 19420 N 59th Ave H-815 in Glendale, Arizona. Stop by and check them out!


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