Halo Retailer Spotlight: The Rising Phoenix Vapery of San Antonio, TX

Halo Retailer Spotlight: The Rising Phoenix Vapery of San Antonio, TX

Jotham “Jo” Hanz, associate manager at The Rising Phoenix Vapery, credits vaping with helping him beat his smoking habit.

Halo: Where did the name Rising Phoenix Vapery come from?

Jo: The owner and his son went over it for about a month, month and a half, and they finally came up with it. They thought that it sounded great, trying to get off cigarettes, you rise from the ashes. The phoenix rises from the ashes.

Halo: How long have you been in business?

Jo: Two and a half years.

Halo: How many locations do you have?

Jo: One.

Halo: Why did you start selling vape products?

Jo: Mainly to help people switch to e-cigarettes. Because me and the owner’s son, it helped us both get off cigarettes totally. The owner actually worked in pharmaceuticals dealing with the patches and the gum and (saw) the success rate isn’t good for those. But he saw the success rate for vaping. (It) actually helped keep people off cigarettes. So that’s where the passion came from to open the shop.

Halo: What do you like best about selling vape products?

Jo: (laughs) Helping people switch, you know.

Halo: What do you want customers to know about Rising Phoenix Vapery?

Jo: We try to bring in quality juices that are from quality labs, that aren’t made in someone’s garage. We try to vet out our juices and make sure we don’t get any stuff that we don’t know where it’s coming from. Devices that are safe, that aren’t going to have issues. You know, people blowing themselves up.

Halo: What’s your customers’ favorite Halo flavor?

Jo: I would say Pirate’s Creed is the most popular. I don’t know why. (laughs) We sell a lot of it. That Pirate’s Creed, it’s pretty strong. (laughs) The customers just love it.

Halo: What’s the first question customers ask you?

Jo: Depends what customer it is. We have new customers that never vaped. “What is it? How’s it going to help me?” We have new customers that vape and they want to know what’s the newest thing we have.

Halo: Do you vape?

Jo: Yes.

Halo: For how long?

Jo: For about five years now.

Halo: What does vaping mean to you?

Jo: I would say it’s freedom to not be on cigarettes. I don’t feel I have to vape anymore, but I do it just because I work in the industry for one, but I enjoy it. I really do. I started off at 24 nic. Now I do 3 to 1.5 nic. When I was doing 3 nic for a while I was going through about 30 or 40 milliliters a day. Now a 60 ml will last me about a week.

Halo: What’s your favorite Halo flavor?

Jo: I’m not a big fruity fan. I like Tribeca. It’s a good sweet tobacco.

Halo: Do you think the public has misconceptions about vaping?

Jo: Bigtime. People think that it’s worse that cigarettes. That we’re putting all these chemicals in our lungs, not realizing that you’re putting thousands more chemicals from cigarettes in your lungs when you smoke them than you would vaping. Then they think all the mods are going to blow up. Every day I hear crazy stuff like that. You have to know the truth, and when I try to explain, some people listen, some people don’t want to hear it.

The Rising Phoenix Vapery is located at 8015 Bandera Road, #101, in San Antonio. Stop by and see them!


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