Halo Retailer Spotlight: Platoon Daddy Vapes of Tomah, WI

Halo Retailer Spotlight: Platoon Daddy Vapes of Tomah, WI

Military veteran William Bacon opened Platoon Daddy Vapes to help fellow vets and others quit smoking.

Halo: How long have you been in business?

William: We have been in business for just over a year.

Halo: Where did the name “Platoon Daddy Vapes” come from?

William: Being in the military for so long, you end up hearing a lot of jargon. “Platoon Daddy” makes reference to a Staff Sergeant or Sergeant First Class who is in charge of a platoon. I ended up liking the term; it was original for a business name and it represents the military in a respectful way.

Halo: Do you have more than one location?

William: Currently I have one location. Working on a second.

Halo: Why did you start selling vape products?

William: To help vets and others find a safer way to quit smoking.

Halo: What do you like best about selling vape products?

William: Making someone happy that they have chosen a safe way to quit. Also, the information that we use to inform our customers about vaping and what is accurate information and false information.

Halo: What do you want customers to know about your store?

William: That we are a veteran store who takes pride in serving our veterans. Our specialty is not only our customer service, but our lines of veteran-based products.

Halo: What’s your customers’ favorite flavor?

William: Insomnia (eVo).

Halo: How has Halo/eVo helped your business?

William: Where to begin? Halo has been there every step of the way encouraging us to strive for more, helping either with a few t-shirts or vaping information. Halo has really made it feel that I have someone to talk to when the need arises.

Halo: What’s the most common question customers ask you?

William: What is PG/VG?

Halo: Do you vape?

William: Yes. For four years.

Halo: What does vaping mean to you?

William: A safe way to quit smoking and enjoy some amazing flavors.

Halo: What’s your favorite Halo flavor?

William: Too many to choose from, but I do like Cryptic Blast.

Halo: Do you think the public has misconceptions about vaping?

William: Yes, I truly believe that the general public does not know the whole truth due to public media.

Visit Platoon Daddy Vapes at 1107 Superior Avenue in Tomah, Wisconsin!


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