Halo Retailer Spotlight: Nimbus Vape & Smoke Shop of Ozone Park, NY

Halo Retailer Spotlight: Nimbus Vape & Smoke Shop of Ozone Park, NY

Nimbus Vape & Smoke Shop founder and operator Raj “Tony” Tiwary was inspired when vaping helped his fiancée Marsha, once a heavy smoker, quit cigarettes for good.

Halo: Why did you start selling vape products?

Tony: I started (selling) vape products when I realized it actually helped a lot of people switch off of cigarettes. My former background is in pharmaceuticals. I am a product of Walgreen’s. 13 years. I actually went to pharmacy school and became a pharmacist. We gave out tablets, patches, gums, you name it, we tried to give it out. But it hasn’t had such a great success rate like what vapor has done to the smoking industry. Once I saw that it was something that was really effective, I then started to believe in it a lot more.

Halo: What do you like best about selling vape products?

Tony: I like the fact that people are kind of happy. People actually enjoy picking up the products from us. They enjoy using the products. They feel better. They have stories about, “Once upon a time I used to …” And you can fill in the blank … “I used to lose my breath when I went up a flight of stairs. I used to eat this pizza from a pizza store for all my life and then I stopped smoking, I now can taste food. I can run up the steps. I now can’t imagine myself touching those two packs of cigarettes ever again.”
I always say the best person to sell a product is a person who just got on it, not really the person behind the counter, but the person on the other side. They actually really know it. This is not something for fun. This is a lifechanging thing.

Halo: How do you want customers to feel when they enter Nimbus Vape & Smoke Shop?

Tony: If they’re a new customer, never been involved with vaping, I usually expect them to just take their time. I don’t expect them to even buy anything. I don’t expect you to do anything more than what you want to do. When you’re ready, it’s all up to you. They usually walk in with a bunch of questions that range anywhere from, “Is this going to explode in my face?” or “Is this bad for me?” I explain to them the different vaporizers that are here, because they don’t know what the devices are. They look at it, they see a small one, they see a big one. Each device I have in here, it’s really contoured for what the individual needs and only what the individual needs. They don’t need the biggest, newest device. My purpose is to get (them) from a higher concentration of nicotine to a lower one. (Interview continues below.)


Halo: What’s unique or special about your store?

Tony: I’m located very close to the airport here in New York City. I’m so close to JFK Airport I feel like I can actually hear the planes turn on. I have a lot of people come in from the airport, which is nice, because they get to see your products too and they take it out of here. They pick it up in my shop and they take it from New York City to Turkey, to Paris, to Dubai, to Australia.

Halo: How long have you been in business?

Tony: I have been in the industry for seven years. When I started, I was working for a wholesale company, then we started to set up a lot of shops in New York City and coast to coast. I have been working with different vape shops for probably five years. I’ve set up probably 30 vape stores across the country for people who’ve been looking to get into the vape industry.

Halo: How did you become a vape retailer?

Tony: As a pharmacist, I had my own pharmaceutical company. I was working a trade show, and a former business partner met me there. He was trying hard to convince me to attend another trade show. He even agreed to pay for my expenses. Two weeks later I went to a trade show in Las Vegas. Vape was just coming into the light. And I realized that this (vaping) was really a complete world. To see multiple vape booths, it just opened up my eyes to other things that were going on. That was it. Lo and behold I end up just going into this full-time. We started our own business as a partnership together. After that, that’s how I came to this location. I opened up one store on my own completely.

Halo: Do you vape?

Tony: I do. I was a casual smoker through med school. I smoked more when I was with Walgreen’s. It was a very stressful job. I would be in my white coat behind the dumpster smoking so no one would see me. A three-minute cigarette would turn into a half-hour lecture. My fiancée was a heavy smoker. She started vaping and she just never touched cigarettes again, and that’s when I realized that if this is working for her, it has to work for everyone else. I started telling people, if you’re looking to stop, I think you have the best opportunity now. I think this (vape) technology is something else.

Halo: What’s your favorite Halo flavor?

Tony: SubZero is actually my favorite juice. (laughs) I think it’s not only my favorite, I think it’s one of the favorites here (in New York).

Halo: What’s your customers’ favorite Halo flavor?

Tony: I always say we’re in a menthol state. If I’m in Vegas or a different region, I feel like everyone has, or that region has, a certain type of flavor they enjoy. Some places may like just fruit. Some places just like sweeter things, desserts, things of that nature. New York City is 100% a menthol city. I would say if I got in 10 smokers for the day, eight out of ten are doing some sort of menthol. I made sure that the first juice I brought in here was Menthol ICE and SubZero. Everyone knows Halo to be a cut above the rest.

Everyone knows Halo, especially if they come to my shop. If you’re looking for something where you care what you’re putting in your device, you care what you’re putting into your body, they’re going to grab the Halo. It’s my Johnny Walker.

Halo: How has Halo helped your business?

Tony: I think Halo is a great indicator for any business that you’re dealing with a reputable company. If anyone walks into a vapor shop and begins to look at all your products and they see Halo, that is a brand that lets them know, ok, this guy has good stuff. It’s just like that for everything. You’re looking for sneakers and you see a few pairs of Nike, you know this place has good stuff. I think Halo should be one of the top juices you carry in a vape shop, or maybe you just don’t have a vape shop.

Halo: Is there an interesting story behind the Nimbus Vape & Smoke Shop name?

Tony: We chose the name after a long time. There’s a meaning behind “nimbus cloud.” It means “Ray of God” or something like that. Everyone has their own interpretation. To tell you the truth, we went through 1,000 names, and this name was the name we picked the last 10 minutes before I hit the submit button, and it worked. We actually opened up another shop before named Stratus. So, I was always a fan of the nimbus name. When you’re picking a name, that is the most difficult time ever. (laughs) Truthfully, I had a list full of names, I was knocking them out, and this was one that always resonated with us, but no one liked it. You show it to your peers. “Say guys, what do you think about this?” No one picked this name. And it honestly was a blessing. It worked out for us.

Nimbus Vape & Smoke Shop has a solid 5.0 Google rating! Stop in and see why. You’ll find them at 92-15 Rockaway Boulevard in Ozone Park, New York.

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