And the Halo Oscar Goes to…

And the Halo Oscar Goes to…

The Academy Awards are coming up this weekend for the 90th time; wow, what a run! Will there be any big shakeups this year or will this award show flop? Jimmy Kimmel is sure to make the night at least mildly humorous. The Academy is certain to triple-check the envelopes this year to make sure there are no winning slipups. There is bound to be at least one person who makes their speech political and/or inspirational. Place your bets now.

Personally, while we think that most of the show might be unmemorable, there will be a few winners and speakers that are bound to stand out and shine for such a monumental year. Full disclosure: While we have not seen a lot of these films ourselves, we do have some films and performers that we are rooting for this year.

Actor in a Leading Role

Starting with off with a bang, there are many reasons any of the actors in this category will win. However, Gary Oldman in “The Darkest Hour” is the best choice for the category Actor in a Leading Role because he always puts all of his passion into every character he plays. The Academy also has a penchant for voting for films based on a true story like “The Darkest Hour.” We might also have a slight bias towards Gary Oldman since he is a fellow vaper!

Actress in a Leading Role

It is hard to choose a favorite here since all the women in the category are extremely talented. Our personal favorite actress of the bunch is Meryl Streep because we have a soft spot for anyone who stars in a musical. She is a strong contender in this category now because of the themes in “The Post” about equality towards women and political news, two very hot topics right now.

Animated Feature Film

This is one of the trickiest categories to judge because it is so broad. Non-animated movies get so many category breakdowns, little pieces of movies that might make them good, but animated movies just get one. So, everything about the movie needs to be judged in order to pick what is the best overall. Visually, “Loving Vincent” is the most interesting and stunning. This is a literal artsy film that will highly appeal to the Academy and art lovers.

Best Picture

“Call Me by Your Name” is the movie we are rooting for in this category because it tells the story of a gay boy, which is not done very often, especially in major films like this one. Also, this movie seems like it is wonderful all around!

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

Now, for these last two categories what is important is the story and how well it is portrayed through the writing. To me, this is the most important part of any movie since, if it doesn’t have good writing, it can’t really be a good movie. “Logan” very beautifully tells the story of the struggles of aging mutants. This one was awesome to see in theaters!

Writing (Original Screenplay)

“The Shape of Water” is bound to win at some point in the night since it is nominated for 13 different categories. However, Original Screenplay is the category that is most likely to win since Guillermo del Toro’s screenplays are always written so beautifully.

Well, what do you think of our list? Who are you rooting for during this year’s Academy Awards? Let us know by reacting or commenting below.

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