World No Tobacco Day 2018

Because our mission here at Halo is to save lives from smoking, May 31 is a significant day to us. Every year, that date is recognized as World No Tobacco Day, a day sponsored by the World Health Organization to focus on the health risks of smoking and ways to reduce the amount of people who use it. Smoking has

Halo Retailer Spotlight: Nimbus Vape & Smoke Shop

Nimbus Vape & Smoke Shop founder and operator Raj “Tony” Tiwary was inspired when vaping helped his fiancée Marsha, once a heavy smoker, quit cigarettes for good. Halo: Why did you start selling vape products? Tony: I started (selling) vape products when I realized it actually helped a lot of people switch off of cigarettes. My former background is in

Armed Forces Day: History and Helpful Resources

May 19, 2018 is Armed Forces Day in the United States. Many people today don’t realize this, but the holiday actually began as four separate days, with each of the military branches — Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines — having its own special day of honor. In 1949 President Harry Truman and Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson combined the

Halo Customer Spotlight: Scott from Georgia

Anyone who truly wants to switch to vaping can – that’s what Scott believes. After smoking for 36 years, Scott realized it was time for a change. “I was terrified of the thought of not smoking. I tried the gums, patches, and quitting cold turkey. Every time, constantly, I was thinking about how much I missed smoking. I hated smoking

Halo Retailer Spotlight: Vaporious of Marietta, GA

Vaporious owner, Jason, saw the success and ease at which he could improve his lifestyle with e-cigarettes. Him and his partner Jennifer wanted to spread that message, so they opened up a vape shop. While we were busy exploring the peachy streets of Atlanta, we found our way to one of our retailers in Marietta, GA, Vaporious. Store owner, Jason

Halo Customer Spotlight: Ramon from North Carolina

Ramon was completely fed up with smelling like smoke, so he tried vaping. After vaping for four years, Ramon has lowered his nicotine usage from 24mg to 6mg. Halo: What made you start vaping? Ramon: I got completely fed up with smelling like smoke, coughing, unable to hike up a mountain without frequent rest stops, and the overall stigma around

Get to Know Halo: Our Superstitions

Beware of black cats, stepping on cracks, and walking under a ladder today – it’s Friday the 13th. Even if you don’t consider yourself a superstitious person, you probably have some kind of ritual you do regularly to guarantee luck or prevent something bad from happening. We definitely do! Here are some of our superstitions. Don’t leave your hat on

Smoking’s True Toll: A World Health Day Report

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared April 7 as World Health Day. 2018 marks the 70th anniversary of this vital observance. We encourage you to learn more about this year’s theme and efforts as well as ways you can get involved here. While our approaches differ, at Nicopure we share a common goal with the WHO: improving the health

Halo Customer Spotlight: Daryl from Louisiana

Daryl’s 40-year smoking habit ended when she started vaping. Now, she is weaning herself off nicotine completely. Halo: What made you start vaping? Daryl: I’ve been smoking for 40 years and I’ve tried everything in the past 10 years to quit – Chantix, the patch, lozenges, gums, self-hypnosis, plastic tar and nicotine reduction filters, and gas station/drug store cig-a-likes and

Halo Retailer Spotlight: The Village Vapor Company of West Palm Beach, FL

The Village Vapor Company owner, Alan, saw how vaping was helping people quit smoking, so he opened his shop with hopes to continue the lifesaving trend. On our way to Miami last month, we stopped in West Palm Beach to say hi to our friends at The Village Vapor Company. Store owner Alan Litroff shared with us the story behind

Halo Customer Spotlight: Leslie from Michigan

The urge to smoke no longer interrupts Leslie’s Life. Halo: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Leslie: I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan (Detroit Rock City!). I live out in the sticks near Lansing now, but my heart will always be in Detroit. The ’60s were a great time to be a kid in Detroit. I’ve had

Get to Know Halo: Our 3 Deserted Island Must-Haves

The fact that it’s almost spring has us daydreaming of warm, sandy beaches and a little time to ourselves, which got us thinking about what we would bring to a deserted island. Set sail with us – or not if you enjoy civilization – and learn about our three deserted island must-haves. The Family Man I will bring my Bible

Halo Customer Spotlight: John from New York

John has been vaping for almost two years. He believes you don’t have to kill yourself to enjoy the taste of tobacco and effects of nicotine. Halo: What made you start vaping? John: I tried repeatedly to quit smoking using patches, gums, and even mouth tobacco. After losing a tooth due to gum recession, I turned to friends who vape

Halo Retailer Spotlight: Downtown Vaporium of Clearwater, FL

Downtown Vaporium owner Drew Nawoichik credits vaping with helping him quit smoking. We recently stopped in to say hello to our friends at Downtown Vaporium, a really modern and well-stocked vape store just blocks from beautiful Clearwater Beach. Drew Nawoichik opened the shop in 2015. During our visit, Drew took a few moments to tell us how his personal vaping

Get to Know Halo: Movie Titles That Describe Our Love Lives

We’re all about love here at Halo. Mainly the vape love, but we have lives outside of work too. Shocking! Get to know us on a personal level as we share the movie titles that describe our love lives. Hitch The movie that describes my love life is “Hitch.” – more the Will Smith and Eva Mendez characters not the