Halo Retailer Spotlight: The Vapor Stop of Sulphur, LA

Crystal and Ron Burdick opened The Vapor Stop to provide an alternative for smokers in an area where few vape shops existed … Halo: How long have you been in business? Crystal: We’ve been in business since 2013. Halo: Where did the name Vapor Stop come from? Crystal: The store name was something we thought was just straight to the

Halo Customer Spotlight: Tena from Kentucky

Tena smoked three packs a day for 31 years. After a stay in the hospital with pneumonia, she realized she was killing herself with cigarettes. Halo: Where are you from? Tena: Tompkinsville, Kentucky. Halo: What made you start vaping? Tena: I smoked for 31 years about three packs a day. I got put in the hospital in June 2015 for

Halo Retailer Spotlight: Zootie’s Vapors of Paeonian Springs, VA

After 25 years as a cigarette smoker, Eric “Zootie” Sutton became a born-again vaper and went into the business. He strongly believes that the best customer is an educated customer. Halo: How long have you been in business? Eric: I started Zootie’s Vapors in August of 2014 as a distribution company. We partnered with Vaperz Cloud and quickly built up

Our Labor Defines Us, Their Actions Define Them

When we think of Labor Day, we usually think of a three-day weekend and it being the end of summer. The true meaning behind the day is often overlooked. Labor Day was created to celebrate working men and women and their contributions to the country. It was the first of several government acts to put the people before big interests.

Get to Know Halo: How Has Vaping Impacted Our Lives?

In this month’s Get to Know Halo, we want to share with you how vaping has impacted our lives personally. Not all of us at Halo vape, and some of us don’t even have loved ones who vape. But in one way or another we’ve been affected by it – positively. Vaping helped my husband quit smoking My husband smoked

Help Us Save Lives Starting Now

By now you’ve no doubt read or heard about our “F#©k Politics. Save Lives.” blog post. Indeed, it has caused quite a stir with its direct, unrepentant call to action. We won’t restate that post here, but we encourage you to read it yourself. We hope you do so with an open mind and consider our benevolent intent. When a

Halo Retailer Spotlight: The Rising Phoenix Vapery of San Antonio, TX

Jotham “Jo” Hanz, associate manager at The Rising Phoenix Vapery, credits vaping with helping him beat his smoking habit. Halo: Where did the name Rising Phoenix Vapery come from? Jo: The owner and his son went over it for about a month, month and a half, and they finally came up with it. They thought that it sounded great, trying

Customer Testimonial Spotlight: Debrah From Jacksonville, AL

Debrah walked away from a 25-year smoking habit and hasn’t touched a cigarette in three years. Halo: Where are you from? Debrah: Jacksonville, Alabama. Just a little piece of heaven in central Alabama. Go JSU GAMECOCKS! Halo: What made you start vaping? Debrah: I wanted to give up conventional cigarettes. I was tired of being bound to them and the

F#©k Politics. Save Lives.

At first blush it may sound a little extreme. But when a government agency dedicated to protecting people is issuing policies that can actually harm them, and our elected officials are taking their marching orders from Big Tobacco and Big Pharma, is it really too extreme? F#©k no! Puppet Master #1: Big Tobacco Big Tobacco has been in bed with

Get to Know Halo: If You Were an E-Liquid, What Would You Be Called?

We don’t like to brag, but we think we have a solid team working at the Halo Headquarters. We only assume you think the same since you’ve come back for more. So thank you! It takes an equal amount of hard work and fun to produce our premium vaping products – because all work and no play is a boring

Halo Retailer Spotlight: E-Cig Gallery of Laguna Hills, CA

E-Cig Gallery owner Ed Bolin took his years as an art gallery owner as inspiration for his vaping shop, and feels vaping has enabled him to get closer to his loved ones … Halo: How long have you been in business? Ed: Since December 2012. Halo: Do you have more than one location? Ed: We have a beautiful retail shop

Halo Retailer Spotlight: The Vape Place of Mount Juliet, TN

Carl Groll opened a vaping business only to have it shut down by lightning just days later. Before long The Vape Place was up and running again and selling 100 e-liquid flavors with great success … Halo: Where did your store name “The Vape Place” come from? Carl: Everybody has so many creative names; I just wanted it to be

Halo Retailer Spotlight: It’s a Dream Smoke Shop of Kansas City, MO

Josh Funk has loved visiting It’s a Dream Smoke Shop since he was old enough to be a customer. Now he’s running the place as its manager … Halo: How long have you been in business? Josh: Seven years. Halo: Where did your store name come from? Josh: The reason why we call our shop “It’s a Dream” is because

Halo Retailer Spotlight: Peace Out Vapes of North Carolina

Lee Bauguess turned her personal passion into a thriving vaping business with seven locations. We’ll let her tell you the rest of the Peace Out Vapes story … Halo: Where did your store name come from? Lee: I have an apron with a frog holding up peace sign with his fingers. Loved it. So it stuck. Halo: How long have

Halo Retailer Spotlight: Vape Escape of Alabaster, AL

John Seale, founder and owner of Vape Escape, was inspired to open a vape shop by his wife. Within 14 months he was operating five locations … Halo: Where did your store name come from? John: My wife and I tossed around lot of different names. It was a play on words, I guess, with “great escape.” I like the