Halo Customer Spotlight: Donna from Florida

Halo Customer Spotlight: Donna from Florida

Donna tried every available method to quit smoking, and all failed until she tried e-cigarettes.

Halo: What made you start vaping?

Donna: I was so tired of the financial and medical issues. I started smoking tobacco cigarettes over 47 years ago. In 1998, I was diagnosed with COPD. I tried every available method to quit smoking – HRT patches, gum, Rx medications, Bupropion, Nicotrol, and Chantix. If it was out there I tried it, even to the extent of acupuncture and hypnosis. All failed for one reason or another.

In July 2013, I picked up a cig-a-like at a gas station. It wasn’t great but it made me do a lot of research. I was very lucky and made friends with people who helped me make the right choice for my first kit. I picked up SubZero and Menthol Ice along with a few fruity vapes. Basically, anything non-tobacco flavor.

Halo: How has vaping changed your life?

Donna: My COPD diagnosis is gone! My pulmonary doctor is thrilled! He even tells other patients about this great alternative. My primary care physician is amazed at my results of routine blood work. My cardiologist is also thrilled. I no longer have angina pectoris or spasms. I don’t need to carry nitroglycerine pills, which lowered my medical prescriptions – a financial benefit. No more restriction in my lungs. I no longer get bronchitis four to six times a year or sinus infections. I have fewer medical costs and I breathe better, feel better, smell better, and can go on walks with my dog.

(When smoking) I had to give up scuba diving, which I used to teach. But now I can recreational dive without having to come to the surface sooner due to better air consumption and so many more things that keep me active and healthy!

Financially, the cost alone has major benefits! We live on a fixed income. Almost 35% of our monthly funds were going towards tobacco cigarettes. I tried so hard to cut down, cut back, etc. Ironically, that only made me more anxious and want more. Now funds are available for much more pleasurable things to do!

Halo: Do you vape nicotine containing products? If so, what level nicotine do you use?

Donna: 3mg.

Halo: How long have you been vaping?

Donna: Over four years.

Halo: What flavors do you vape?

Donna: Dessert, fruity, and menthol.

Halo: What’s your favorite Halo flavor? Why?

Donna: SubZero. Absolute fresh, crisp, pure, minty goodness! It was exactly what I needed!

Halo: What’s the number one thing you want people to know about vaping?

Donna: There are multiple studies that show vaping to be 95% SAFER than burning tobacco. Educate yourself, find flavors that you like. The vaping community is an awesome resource!

Since July 26, 2013 at 4:42 pm, I made the switch to vaping. Me with my idiot grin, starter kit, and a load of 16mg e-liquids. Yes, I remember the exact date and time I started the new journey of vaping, new friends, and a new community of people who were enthusiastic about this lifesaving way of living.

Halo: What is something unique about you?

Donna: I was one of the first female A.G.E. mechanic/electronics repair by trade from U.S. Air Force Service and Hawaii Air National Guard. I was able to take my mechanical/electronics knowledge and apply that to not only captaining, but if I drove it I could maintain and repair it. For many years I held my license by U.S.C.G. for a 100-ton vessel boat captain. I Introduced thousands of people to the underwater realm as a scuba diving Instructor. I’ve been diving from St. Thomas, St. John’s, East End Grand Cayman, the FL Keys, all the way over to Kauai, HI. I’ve since retired and now recreational dive only. If it’s under salt water I love it immensely! I now suffer from land sickness!

Halo: What’s your favorite quote?

Donna: “Common sense is a super power.”

Halo: Who’s your hero?

Donna: My husband.

Halo: Who’d play you in a movie of your life?

Donna: Anna Kendrick.

Halo: Cats or dogs?

Donna: Dogs. Unconditional love.

Halo: Beach or mountains?

Donna: Beach!

Halo: Pancakes or waffles?

Donna: Waffles.

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