Halo Retailer Spotlight: Go Vapor of Nebraska

Halo Retailer Spotlight: Go Vapor of Nebraska

Go Vapor co-owner Andrea Watkins would cough in the middle of the night because of her smoking habit. She turned to vaping, and now she and her husband Shiva Kumar sell vape products to help others quit smoking.

Halo: Where did your store name come from?

Andrea: Well, it was actually quite simple. We, you know, wanted people to “Go vapor.” It’s kind of like “Go vapor,” you know, instead of smoking. That’s kind of where it came from. Quit doing whatever else you’re doing. I mean, you just say it, you know. “Why don’t you go vapor?”

Halo: You’ve been selling Halo for four years. How long have you been in business altogether?

Andrea: Well, we’ve been selling it from day one. That was the juice we started out with. I have a thing for cigar flavors, tobacco flavors. I’m just very, very into real good tobacco flavors and out of all the juices that I tried back then, before we opened, Halo was the top. I mean, above all else, as far as flavor went. It just blew everyone else away! Particularly the Freedom Juice and Tribeca I would say were the two juices that swayed me into like, “There’s nothing that’s going to be better than this.” And I still feel that way to this day. It was Halo that enabled me to (give up smoking). Had it not been for those flavors really nailing the similarities of the experience of smoking, I don’t think I could have done it. It nailed them just exactly right on for me. It made it to where I could do it.

Halo: Why did you start selling vape products?

Andrea: My sister and I lost our father about 10 years ago. We both have a history of smoking. I had actually quit. I hadn’t smoked for 18 years. After he died, we both started smoking cigars, oddly enough. We started noticing that there’s this vapor product out there. We just started researching it and we switched over and it has really helped us, you know, quit smoking essentially. We said, “This obviously works in our bodies and we can transform so many other people’s lives that are in this kind of situation.” It just felt like, almost like a higher purpose had kind of called us to this. That’s why we started the company.

Halo: How did you go about starting a business in the industry?

Andrea: I owned a boutique, a women’s clothing boutique, Guru Honey. I owned this boutique, I owned the building. They were left to me by my father who had just passed away. It was just a perfect kind of scenario where we own these buildings and so we were able to open a business in something that we also owned that we’ve gotten from our dad. Again, just kind of playing into that whole higher purpose, higher calling thing that we were going with.

Halo: What do you like best about selling vape products?

Andrea: Well, I’m very enthusiastic just because of what it has done for me personally. I just can’t say enough good things about it. I remember when I would cough in the middle of the night when I was smoking and I haven’t had that ever since. It’s been four years since I switched, now I’m on zero nicotine. I’m still vaping but I do zero (nicotine). I’m completely off nicotine, which is a huge success story. I just like the flavor.

Shiva: I think it’s really gratifying at the end of the day to put that smile on the face and to be able to convert the customer who has been smoking for X amount of years and here we are helping them to switch. I feel that it does not only change the course of life for that particular customer but I think it definitely has an affect with the people who live around that person too because obviously vape is entirely different than smoking is, it’s completely on a different level. I think it’s a very satisfying/gratified feel at the end of the day to be able to do something that has a larger affect on life, not one but more than one individual.

Halo: How do you want customers to feel when they walk into your store?

Andrea: I think we wanted to create something that, no matter who you were, you could come in there and just totally feel welcome and not uncomfortable. We cater to anyone who is just trying to figure out what in the heck this product is. We don’t put on any airs like oh, you know, “We’re just so cool, smoking our mods.” We don’t do that whole thing, that’s not us. We want to make everyone feel totally welcome because again, were doing this for a bigger purpose. This isn’t so we can sit there and look cool, it’s so that we can help people.

Shiva: Our approach is completely different, so what we do is we basically have a chat with the customer and try to figure out what kind of cigarette they smoke or used to smoke and how many cigarettes they smoke and you know, kind of get a little information from them. With the options of all these devices, we basically use a little bit of what I would call “science” to make sure that we give out all the options and guide them in a way that would help them to be able to successfully switch from smoking to vaping.

Halo: What are you customers favorite Halo flavors?

Shiva: I think we’ve consistently been Tribeca and Freedom (Juice) for tobacco flavors. In the menthol, I think SubZero is something that kind of is popular all year around. Obviously, with the Nebraska harsh weather, the hot summers, I think SubZero does pretty amazing. The Belgian Cocoa does really well. We sell many different kinds of juices.

Halo: What does vaping mean to you?

Andrea: I don’t have that stress-out moment where I freak out going “Oh my god, I can never have a cigarette again.” If I ever get in a stressful situation and I need something to help kind of relax or go to, I can vape. Like I said, I don’t even use nicotine anymore. It’s more psychological relaxation and the enjoyment of the flavors. If I forget my vapor at home, it’s really kind of liberating because I’m not addicted to nicotine.

Shiva: But if you’re smoking a cigarette pack and you forget it at home, you’re probably going to go to the nearest store and grab one. (laughs)

Go Vapor is located at 2723 North 48th Street in Lincoln, NE. Check them out if you’re in the area!


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