Gift Ideas for the Vaper in Your Life

Gift Ideas for the Vaper in Your Life

Oh, it’s that time of the year. The day romantics all over the world love and non-romantics despise. Either the birds are chirping or the willows are weeping. Facebook statuses are either filled with tributes to that special someone or anti-amorous rants about how good it is to be single. That’s right: It’s nearly Valentine’s Day! Like any other holiday, the occasion requires a good gift, and like most gifts, it is always difficult knowing what to get. Do you have a problem picking up the right one for your vaper-half? Don’t worry. We’ve got your gift-getting covered.

Gift for the Long-Term

Being an experienced vaper comes with purchasing a bunch of hardware and supplies. People who have been vaping for a long time have already made sure to get the devices that best suit them and know which E-liquids they prefer. So you probably think there is nothing more to get them, huh?

We’ll let you in on a secret: Despite many experienced vapers having some E-liquids they love, they are always looking for that next all-day vape, or ADV; they are always on the search for that next E-liquid to knock their socks off and become their one and only (well, besides you).

There are many great flavors you can get, but let’s break it down:

Old Reliable

Many people start out with tobacco-derived flavors when they begin to vape, and it goes well beyond full-flavored blends. There are light tobaccos and spiced tobaccos, cigar tobaccos and pipe tobaccos and much, much more. If you don’t know what they like, there are also sample packs that allow them to have fun trying different types of each.

Tribeca E-liquid

Our Most Popular Flavor

Torque 56

One of our full-bodied tobaccos

Cordoba E-liquid

A high-end cigar experience

As Cold as Menthol

Tied in with tobacco are menthol flavors. Some people may like a cool, menthol blast while others may like it a bit lighter. A menthol sampler pack is a great way to try many different flavors.

SubZero E-liquid

As cold as it gets

Cool Mist E-liquid

Subtle, sweet menthol

Malibu E-liquid

Delightful mix of Piña Colada and menthol

Something Sweet for your Sweetie

Vaping doesn’t always come with a tobacco-like experience. A number of vapers prefer tastes far different to the E-liquids we described above. Fruity, fresh and delectable flavors are more popular than ever and mimic the taste of some of your favorite desserts and beverages.

If you believe some fruitier savors would match your loved one’s needs best, take a look at the full assortment of eVo flavors or our line of gourmet Halo E-liquids.

Belgian Cocoa E-liquid

Robust cappuccino with touch of mocha

Wild Watermelon E-juice

Lip-smackin’ watermelon flavor


Balanced sweet and tart blend

Aim To Please

If you don’t know what taste he or she prefers, we’ll share with you our first little hidden gem: Our variety sample pack includes all of our customers’ favorites. From the beloved Tribeca to the always-in-demand Kringle’s Curse, it highlights our six most popular flavors.

Not Afraid To Experiment

Experimenting can be fun in both relationships and E-liquids. If your boyfriend or girlfriend likes mixing his or her own E-juices to create a personalized flavor or simply enjoys controlling the amount of nicotine in what he or she vapes, we’ve got you covered there, too! It’s another little-known gem in the Halo catalog: It’s our flavorless nicotine base, Fusion, and it lets people create their own mixes.

Gifts for New Relationships

Do you happen to have a vaper in your life who has just gotten started with vaping? Buying gifts for someone new to a hobby is always challenging for two main reasons: 1) They do not have the experience to appreciate a gift which would be more appropriate for an experienced hobbyist. 2) They don’t really fancy gifts that make them feel like newbies. So, what should you do? Piece of cake. You actually have more options than you think.

New Starts with New Kits

If they are new to vaping, it is also likely that they are still trying to figure out which device fits them best or they like the most. This is especially true if they have expressed how they want more—more power, more capacity, more options. A new setup would make a great gift. Someone who uses a cig-a-like may want to try a vape pen, and someone who has a vape pen may want to get a tube or box mod. And don’t worry about them having more than one device. Most vapers like having options. Many carry multiple devices wherever they go for just that purpose.

Triton Vape Pen

Triton, our advanced vape pen

Tracer Tube Mod

Mid-range eGo-style tube mod

Reactor Starter Kit

Reactor box mod: our most powerful device

Add (Battery) Life

If they are just starting, you could get them an extra battery. Vapers always need multiple batteries. And with various styles and colors available, batteries also say something about the vaper. For example, a girlfriend may like a bright pink or sparkling iridescence color to complement her bubbly personality or even current happy mood. Just make sure you get the right battery to fit his or her device.

Coils: Heat Things Up

If, however, your partner has a vape pen or mod and enough batteries, coils are another great gift. As a consumable item, coils are great to have on hand and one thing of which you can never have too many extras. Here, you’re just going to want to make sure to get them the right type of coil for his or her device and that it is at his or her preferred ohm. To find out which coils he or she uses, look for the packaging the coils came in. The ohms can also be found on the packaging of the coils or on the coils themselves. It should read something like 1.25 ohm or 1.25 Ω.

Something To Flaunt

Vaping is not just something you do. It is a hobby, and possibly, a way of living. Just like any other way of living, some vapers feel the urge to share their commitment with others. In this sense, you could always get that special someone some apparel that proudly displays his or her favorite E-liquid brand.

Still Lusting for More

If you still can’t find that perfect gift, you can always fall back on a gift certificate. It shows your support for the hobby without the worry of getting him or her the wrong thing.

Whatever you choose, make sure you choose it with love. Have fun, spend time with the one and only special person—or for you single people, that fave vaporizer—in your life and enjoy a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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