Get to Know Halo: Football Teams We Cheer For

Get to Know Halo: Football Teams We Cheer For

Football season is here, and if your job is anything like ours at Halo, then you know football talk and work talk go hand in hand.

There are a lot of passionate football fans here at Halo, and they had no problem bragging about their teams. Here are just a few…

UCF Knights
I prefer college football to the NFL, and as a proud UCF alum I always support the Knights! – Steven S., Marketing and Media Researcher

Buffalo Bills
Born and raised a Bills fan for 32 years!!!! As Chris Berman said, “Nobody circles the wagon like the Buffalo Bills.” – Chris Murray, Account Manager

Dallas Cowboys
I grew up in Brazil and moved to the States at an early age. So, I didn’t have the whole football experience as I would’ve liked, but I’m a big football fan. And I’m not only a fan of American football, but also Brazilian football – which I consider myself to be pretty good at it. While going to high school and college in Texas, there are so many football teams to cheer for, but I call myself a Dallas Cowboys aficionado. I’ve met people from all over the place rooting for the Cowboys, and never understood why they cheered for a team they don’t relate to. Then I remember growing up rooting for Vasco-d-Gama – a very successful Brazilian football team back in the day – and I get why people that are not from Dallas or even from Texas root for the Cowboys. It’s all about passion. – Saulo F., Magento Developer

Gators: Because New Jersey doesn’t have a real college football team.
Giants: Because I was born that way, it’s in my DNA. – Ryan M., Safety, Code, and Conduct Officer

Chicago Bears
Although it ends up being the most agonizing part of my week, I root for the Chicago Bears. I’m from Chicago, and being that I live in Florida now, watching the Bears once a week for three hours gives me that sense of a hometown connection. I’ve been a diehard fan for over thirty years. Bear Down!!! – Matthew A., Social Media Specialist

Steelers or “Stillers” as it’s pronounced in Pittsburgh. When you’re from Pittsburgh (and I am), you are born a Steelers fan. – Jessica W., Director of Communications & Media

Chicago Bears
The Chicago Bears were the first pro team I saw as a young boy during a summer training camp. I got all their famous players’ autographs of the time: Gale Sayers, Bobby Douglas, Ed O’Bradovich, Doug Buffone, but couldn’t get Dick Butkus’. He told me, “Not now kid, I’m working.” Respect. Lifelong fan even during the worst seasons of which there have been many. Bear Down Chicago Bears! – Bill B., Account Manager

Any team that doesn’t take a knee during the national anthem…. OOPS, that’s all the teams. – Bill G., Operations

My football team has and always will be the Pittsburgh Steelers, (since) I grew up in a small town southwest of Pittsburgh. We had a farm that backed up to Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA. The Steelers held their summer training camps there, my dad and I would go as often as we could to watch the practices, and go to the home games. After I left home for the military, I followed the team as best as I could, being overseas made it tough to catch live games but the repeated airings would still be great to watch. Now it is much easier to catch the games with satellite programming. For me, it is more than the players winning or losing, it is the owners and organization that set a high example for the league in the way they treat the players, coaching staff and the loyalty they show to the community, and fans is unsurpassed. I now live in Florida with three NFL teams, but still fly my black and gold Steelers flag proudly. – Robert H., Facility Maintenance Manager

The football team I cheer for is the Florida Gators. I was born and raised in Gainesville FL, and love everything about them. From the team colors, to watching them on game day. It’s always exciting, they keep me at the edge of my seat. GO GATORS!!! – Jessie P., Liquid/Inventory Specialist

Roll Tide! – Josh S., Sr. Earned Media Specialist

What football team do you cheer for? Comment below with your team.


The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and Halo Cigs marks.


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