Get to Know Halo: Movies That Scare Us

Get to Know Halo: Movies That Scare Us

At Halo, we ain’t afraid of no ghost, but put us in front of a scary movie and we might be singing a different tune.

We’ll be calling the Ghostbusters the next time we watch these movies.

“The Blair Witch Project”
“The Blair Witch Project” got a good scare out of me. The shaky camera work made it so realistic and scary. – Steven S., Marketing and Media Researcher

The original “American Werewolf in London” (1981)
I was about seven years old when I saw this movie and when I saw the now iconic transformation scene I was terrified but at the same time I could not look away. I was not able to go outside in the dark for several weeks after seeing it. Another thing I like about it is that entire scene was done using all practical effects, no CGI at all. This scene inspired the transformation scene in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. – Corey B., Senior Graphic Designer

Stephen King’s “The Shining”
This movie scared the heck out of me when I was younger. – Mark S., Graphic Designer

“The Blair Witch Project”
I arrived about 10 mins late to the theater and had no idea what the movie was about. The beginning was strange when they were interviewing average people in the town who were talking about the woods being haunted by a witch. Shot in first-person camera view added to the creepiness! I was mostly freaked out when the group got lost in the woods without a map, and ended back in the same place where they lost the map! The scariest part was while they were in the tent, something outside was rustling and pouncing on the fabric. The camera took you (the viewer) as the first person, to go out and chase whatever was causing the mayhem. To wake up in the morning and find hand-made trinkets, piles of rocks, and wooden ornaments hanging in the trees around the camp terrified me more than any other movie I have ever seen! Interestingly, you don’t actually see scary images or gore. It is a 100% psychological nightmare that will stay with you and resonate throughout your days. The true horror of this flick can only be experienced once … – Jeff D., Graphic Designer

I generally don’t get scared easily, but the movie “Candyman” freaked me out! Say “Candyman” three times in front of a bathroom mirror and you’ll never be the same. Another frightening movie is “Grown Ups II.” – Matthew A., Social Media Specialist

The movie is about albino gorillas slaughtering explorers in, surprising no one, the Congo. The flick was frightening enough, but the prank that was pulled after catapulted it into the realm of total horror. A day after my parents took me to see it in the theater I won a gorilla at the state fair – a non-terrifying version I was happy to have. After waking up the next morning, I noticed the stuffed animal was sitting at the edge of my bed, far away from the home I gave it in the corner of my room. My first instinct was to immediately put the gorilla in the trash but I settled for banishing it to the nether realm of my closet. That night, roughly around 11 p.m., I awoke to said gorilla sitting on my chest, staring at me with unholy eyes and a toothy grin only a mother could love. I screamed, and started running, crying to my parent’s room only to find both of them laughing hysterically in the hallway. They had been moving it closer to me after I went to sleep each night. I was nine years old. – Kyle S., Assembly Supply Supervisor

“Paranormal Activity”
I think the more relatable the movie, the more it scares me. So, “Paranormal Activity” really freaked me out. Video cameras are set up everywhere these days and the thought of seeing something unexplained within your own home is scary. – Jessica W., Director of Communications & Media

“The Notebook”
Commitment scares me. – Josh S., Sr. Earned Media Specialist

All the “Saw” movies really scare me. The Jigsaw puppet and the pig mask are creepy, and I always get scared while watching the films because of how gruesome they are. “Saw lll” is probably my favorite. – Kendall D., Marketing Content Coordinator

DreamWorks “Trolls”
While some would pick such slasher classics like “Saw” or “Halloween,” the one movie that scares me the most is DreamWorks “Trolls.” With all the singing, dancing, glitter, scrap booking, and hair, I just want to scream. Every time I hear “Hair Up” the nightmares begin … – Dan M., QA Director

“Audition” and “The Ring”
“Audition” is a twisted Japanese one that sticks with you, but the sounds and visuals on “The Ring” completely ruined me. I seriously can’t watch scary movies anymore because of that movie! – Erica G., Brand Manager

I saw the original “IT” when I was young and it scarred me for life! To this day, I can’t walk over sewage drains because I fear I will fall in and end up in the It Clown’s lair. This movie is also to blame for my intense fear of spiders, which if you’ve seen the whole movie you know why. – Christie E., Communications Specialist

“The Ring”
“The Ring” starring Naomi Watts. Better than the Japanese original. Big jump scare early on. The video tape in the movie is creepy in a way that gets under your skin. And the girl emerging from the … well, that’s spoiler material. I did sleep with the lights on for a few days. – Patrick M., Senior Copywriter

“The Blair Witch Project”
When I was younger I took a girl on a date to this place called Bear Mountain in New York state and we went to a waterfall. It started getting dark out and she was like, “We need to get back.” When we started going back we went the exact opposite way right into the woods and we got lost for the whole entire night. Bear Mountain is just what it sounds like. We heard snaps all over the place. Neither one of us slept. Once the sun came up we started walking back and followed the sun until we got to a road and a park ranger picked us up. We never dated again. Watching The Blair Witch Project brought me back to that time and reminds me of the creepiness of that night. – Bill G., Operations

What movie scares you the most? Tell us in the comment section below.


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