Get to Know Halo: Our 3 Deserted Island Must-Haves

Get to Know Halo: Our 3 Deserted Island Must-Haves

The fact that it’s almost spring has us daydreaming of warm, sandy beaches and a little time to ourselves, which got us thinking about what we would bring to a deserted island.

Set sail with us – or not if you enjoy civilization – and learn about our three deserted island must-haves.

The Family Man

I will bring my Bible because the Word of God is everything to me. My wife, I could not go through life without her. And of course, my fishing equipment to catch and prepare food to live. -Norm T., Account Manager

The Survivalist

A big ole Rambo style Bowie knife, 55-gallon drum of SPF 50 sunscreen – I’ve seen those sunburnt, miserable “Naked and Afraid” contestants – and a life-sized inflatable raft. -Bill B., Account Manager

The Castaway

A volleyball, half a Porta Potty, and a pair of ice skates. -Barran Y., SAP Business One Manager

The Person You Want to be Stranded With

A modified SATCOM Pallet outfitted to pick up TV transmissions and covered in solar panels, a prefabricated steel building with all the fixings (covered in solar panels) from advanced modular structures, and 29 tons of military grade MRE’s. I know you said three, but Natalie Portman was in the same shipwreck, so she’s there too. -Bill G., Operations

The Island Queen

Jude Law. Why? Pretty obvious. Because he’s ugly. Makeup. Why? Well, again, obvious. At least to me. Advil. Why? Because I hate toothaches and I watched “Castaway” one too many times. -Michelle P., Project Manager

The Not So Lone Survivor

Although it doesn’t specify eternity on the deserted island, I would bring my coworker Brian with his three things: a GPS, boat and food? My coworker Rolanda and her three things: a man, booze and music. And my three things: water purifier tablets, fire starter and fishing supplies. -Ana S., Regulatory Compliance

The Pirate

A shotgun with buckshot, slug shot, and incendiary rounds to hunt on land and start fires. Snorkeling equipment, including a pneumatic spear gun, to hunt sharks and sea monsters. And a desalinating water bottle to stay hydrated.

I’ll craft whatever else I need from materials and lost and/or alien civilizations on the island that I will either conquer or engage in diplomacy with. -Ricardo G., Lead Generation Specialist

The Hunter

A knife – works perfect for food preparation/catching food as well as for my protection. An endless supply of drinking water because I need water to survive. And Chris Hemsworth because why not. But, that’s probably a long shot, so my last pick would be my boyfriend because he probably has more survival skills than I do. Zenena M., Social Media Specialist

The Minimalist

I would bring a guitar – to teach myself how to play. A hammock – for hanging out. And a soccer ball – because everything else is just a luxury. -Steven S., Marketing and Media Researcher

The Jane to Tarzan

A man (no explanation needed), music because it’s life, and non-perishable food because I need food while I learn how to fish.

*Wine is being grouped into the non-perishable food category. -Rolanda B., Regulatory Compliance

The Island Foodie

I’d have to have a Let’s Pizza machine, a signed and notarized copy of my “Guaranteed Lifetime Supply and Worldwide Delivery of Guinness” contract, and a laptop for reading, writing, listening, watching, and communicating until the batteries run out. -Patrick M., Senior Copywriter

The Book Worm

If I were to go to a deserted island, I would bring my fiancé Elliot for some company since I love him so much. Also, I would bring a laptop with a device that gives it charging and Wi-Fi capabilities for entertainment purposes. That way I will be able to browse the internet, mostly on sites like Reddit; watch some television shows, like “Sense8”; and read some e-books, like “The Way of Kings” by Brandon Sanderson. -Shira L., Proofreader

What three things would you bring to a deserted island?

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and Halo Cigs marks.

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