From the Desk of the General Counsel: Merry Christmas

From the Desk of the General Counsel: Merry Christmas

Hello and greetings from our office Christmas party here in Tampa!

It’s that time of the year when we slowly but surely bid farewell to the old and welcome a new year into our lives.

It’s also a time of generosity and joy. A time to give more than we receive. To enjoy intergalactic battles featuring Stormtroopers and robots, if you happen to be a fan.

And a time of suspense, if what one is waiting for is a government regulation that would potentially change the course of public health forever. That’s right, the deeming rule is so important. Each generation had their own turning point. Refrigeration, vaccines, TV, Vietnam, Berlin wall, Internet … Vaping is it for us. We are beyond the Internet generation, we are the vaping generation. Every generation needs enlightened leaders to look up to. We need valiant heroes to defeat Captain Phasma and stop the madness.

Prime Minister Cameron Backs E-cigs

This holiday season, we received an early, unlikely gift of hope for our industry, courtesy of the Press Association National Newswire from the UK. Not too long ago, Prime Minister Cameron of the UK “backed the use of E-cigarettes to help people quit smoking.”

Cameron “welcomed figures suggesting more than one million people have used E-cigarettes to stop or replace their smoking habit, adding it should be made clear they are a ‘very legitimate’ way of improving health.”

Prime Minister Cameron stated publicly: “Certainly as someone who has been through this [the smoke cessation] battle a number of times, eventually relatively successfully, lots of people find different ways of doing it, and clearly for some people, E-cigarettes are successful. … I think we do need to be guided by the experts, we should look at the report from Public Health England. But it is promising to see more than a million are estimated to have used E-cigarettes to help them quit or have replaced smoking with E-cigarettes completely. … So I think we should be making clear that this is a very legitimate path for many people to improve their health and therefore the health of the nation.”

Now, you may disagree with Prime Minister Cameron’s political choices. You may dislike government in general. You may think just saying a few niceties is not enough. His words, though, are compelling. Whether you like him or not, he is a leader of an influential nation. Other leaders of other nations will at least pay attention to him. The UK continues to be the only country where more than one government representative has spoken out in support of constructive, honest communication about the likely health benefits of vaping products.

It was not always like that in the UK, going back no more than a couple of years. We owe this change of heart to numerous militant vapers, industry members, scientists, academics and journalists in the U.K. and elsewhere. People like you who actually care about the future of the industry and of public health and who relentlessly share knowledge about the product, its properties, its consumers and any other relevant information that sometimes gets ignored by too-narrowly focused research.

FDA’s Deeming Rule Upcoming

The other “gift,” of course, will be the upcoming publication of the FDA deeming rule in the Federal Register. Stay tuned for the holidays as I will be posting on Twitter and LinkedIn links to the rule and summaries as soon as the rule is published and will discuss some of the rule’s implications on this blog shortly thereafter.

Then we’ll get a couple of lightsabers and see what happens next.

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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Patricia I. Kovacevic, Esq. is the general counsel and chief compliance officer of Nicopure Labs LLC, the leading E-liquid and vaping device manufacturer of American-made Halo and eVo E-liquids and Reactor, Tracer, Triton and G6 devices. With extensive U.S. and international industry experience, Ms. Kovacevic held senior legal and compliance positions at, among others, Philip Morris International and Lorillard. Her expertise includes global E-cigarette and tobacco regulation and compliance. Ms. Kovacevic serves on the advisory board of the Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum. In the past, she served on the UN’s Public-Private Partnership Commission. Ms. Kovacevic is admitted to practice in New York. She holds a Juris Doctor degree from Columbia Law School (NY) and has completed the Harvard Business School “Corporate Leader” course. She is fluent in seven European languages.

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  • Alesia Dunning

    I am a 51 year old mother of 5 and grandmother of 8. I smoked tobacco cigarettes for 35 years and now have end stage copd that landed me in the hospital for 10 days 2 years ago. If I had continued to smoke tobacco cigarettes I would not be here now for my family. E cigarettes/vaping has literally saved my life, my family and I are indebted to the industry and will stand by it. I have been tobacco free for 2 years and 6 months now , I am still ill but I am alive!!!

  • John Becker

    Thanks Patricia. Good news! Informative and well written.

  • Christopher M

    Unfortunately this means nothing in the US. The government isn’t concerned about health, they want in on the profits. And, if it means demonizing e-cigs so they can regulate and tax the hell out of them…then they’ll do it “for the kids.”

  • John Tolle

    As a 47 year cigarette smoker, who tried nicorette gum, patches, hypnotism, and every other quit aid, I am glad to say that e-cigs have been my only experience for three years. My health and stamina and breathing have greatly improve thanks to vaping.

  • Susanna

    Thank you so much for this info! Have a wonderful holiday! ???

  • Glen Threlfall

    I know that e-cigs work. Smoked for forty years and tried everything to give up. On the 25th of June 2015 used my first e-cig and haven’t had a normal cigarette since and haven’t felt I need one all because of Halo e-cigs. I have now cut out nicotine in the e- liquid as well, so very happy. The Reactor is a brilliant product and produces the vapour I need. My only problem is that I am travelling to Singapore and Hong Kong in May and e-cigs are banned in both countries.
    Keep up the good fight Halo and hopefully one day the Politicians might wake up to the truth!!!!! Am I being too optimistic?
    regards Glen Threlfall

  • Mary Anne Spatola

    I smoked for 42 years, I started at the age of 12. I couldn’t imagine not smoking anymore, it literally scared me, but I knew I needed to quit. After countless failed attempts using various substitutes, I always went back, until I substituted tobacco with e-cigarettes, then I finally quit for good. All of the physical issues I had due to smoking have vanished. I can breath easily, run around with my dog and hike for hours. No more tickles in my throat or numbness in my fingers. e-cigarettes did save me, no doubt. Regulating e-cigarettes is just another means of raking in money for the government. If they cared about the heath of the American people, they would leave these alone. Thank you Halo for putting up a fight!

  • Bryan Webb

    I am a 49 year old male who has smoked on and off since I was 18. Usually stress is the trigger for me to start again, but I have a lot of trouble stopping once I have started again. Last year I had an aneurysm in my cerebellum. In spite of this knowledge I still couldn’t quit. I started vaping as a way to quit and was able to continue to decrease smoking until I no longer smoke at all. I still enjoy vaping and keep the nicotine level low. I hope more people will feel moved to share their stories about how vaping has helped them quit tobacco.

  • Debra Coyne

    I am one of the many grateful souls that Halo has saved. My grandson was born a premie weighing 1lb 7oz, one would think that would be enough to make me quit smoking, but it was not possible. I looked into vaping and found the tremendous reviews and information about Halo. Quality materials, craftsmanship and pride in their products was evident in every article I read. I purchased the Tritan kit after much thought and have never touched another analog again. That was almost 2yrs ago. I am a 57 yr old woman and have smoked since age 13. Recently I was diagnosed with MS and now know that my life will be easier without the burden of tobacco. If government would truly appreciate what the e-cig industry is accomplishing and realize that the advantages far outweigh the so called knee jerk mentality of the uninformed, closed minded individuals that see change as something to fear. People who are suffering could have the chance to be free once again. Thanks to all of you that cared enough to make sure I had a chance to win. Good blessing to all of you that make this possible.