Four Tips to Avoid the Mistakes All New Vapers Make

Four Tips to Avoid the Mistakes All New Vapers Make

Here you are: You’re raring to get started with a shiny, brand new vaporizer in hand and an assortment of E-liquid flavors in front of you.

Hold on a second there.

Before you go running off to display your fancy gear there are some really important things you should know. Because trust us, almost everyone who vapes makes one—if not all four—of these mistakes, so take a moment to read this list of things we learned the hard way—you’ll thank us later.

Your Vape Runneth Over

We know all too well how tempting it is to minimize your refill time. Or about the enthusiasm that can accompany trying a new flavor. But overfilling your tank or cartomizer can cause problems down the road—potentially even destroying your battery from leakage!

Also, make sure to take the time to clean your battery tip, as a certain amount of leakage is inevitable, and you certainly don’t want to replace the most expensive component of your vape setup any more than absolutely necessary.

Ghost Flavors

Cleaning your tank after finishing a flavor is always a good call. Say you have a margarita flavored juice. Then, without cleaning your tank properly you fill it with chocolate hazelnut. ¡Ay, caramba! There’s a reason nobody markets a choco-tequila-lime flavor—that’s because it would be gross. Why waste a tank worth of fluid on some unintentional mad scientist flavor experimentation? Instead, just follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions—the ones that come with your device—and you should be back up and vaping in no time.

More importantly, if you choose to vape a menthol flavor, you might want to designate a tank just for that. Our experience shows that the minty part of the menthol could haunt your tank until the end of time.

The Religion of Coil Maintenance

Does it taste like whatever flavor you’re vaping got left on a grill too long? That’s probably a burnt coil—you’ll know it when it happens. The lifespan of a coil varies depending on frequency of use and the type of tank you’ve got, but a week or two is about as long as most coils are going to stay fresh.

Many new tanks or kits come with replacement coils, but you’re going to want to go ahead and pick up a few more. They shouldn’t cost much and it’s better to have them on hand when you need them than it is to need them and not have them on hand. Replacing them is a quick-and-easy process as well so if you start to taste burnt flavors, dive on in there and change it out.

V for Vape!

It’s really exciting to have a new vaporizer. It’s a fancy futuristic lookin’ gizmo and the instinct is to take full advantage of it everywhere you go. But we’re telling you right now—tread lightly. Even though it’s not illegal to puff on your vape in most public places, many businesses take exception to them regardless. Some of your friends may have their own feelings about vaping in their homes as well. As a rule of thumb, be polite and always ask first.


What heinous vaping mistakes have you made when you were starting out? Share your hard-earned wisdom with a future generation of vapers in the comments below.

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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  • Bob

    This is so true and please Vape with respect of every one around you. Most people do not want to see the clouds you can blow out in public. So please don’t put on a show when people don’t want to see it. Stealth Vape when you can or out in public.

  • Ron

    When you want to clean a used coil from HALO pull it out enough to expose the burnt area and run under warm water using fingers as a squeeshie to clean as much as possible.. Set it aside until you have acquired a few coils,then put them in a bath of Polident overnite.Rinse again throughly and allow to dry overnite.Works like new for me.

    • Debra C

      Love the polident idea, will have to try it out. Thanks for the tip?

    • April Shoemaker

      I hve experienced the burnt taste when ur tube is almost empty. Also I was out of coils for 1 of my vapors and I had been using it over and over and trying to keep it clean as I possibly cld cuz I knew it wld b a while b4 I got to our vapor store. It finally wld not let me get vape any longer, no matter what battery I put it on. The battery wld blink like it needed charged when I had just charged it. So changing coils is important. I hve been vaping for about a year and a half and hve 7 vapors and I put alcohol on the end of a q-tip to clean the end of my battery and around the edges of my tubes and the mouth piece then let it dry out and tht method has worked great for me. All my batteries still work great and I use them everyday.