Four Reasons NOT to Stealth Vape on a Plane

Four Reasons NOT to Stealth Vape on a Plane

It’s a universal law of human nature: When you can’t have it, you want it even more. Evidence in point: the airplane. You know you’re not supposed to vape onboard, but as soon as you take your seat, it’s all you can think about. So can you take e-cigarettes on a plane? Yes. But you can’t vape.  With Internet tales of sneaking puffs in the bathroom and disguising exhaled vapor in the seats, it seems that many e-cig enthusiasts are tempted to stealth vape on a flight. But stealth vaping on a plane is one very scary, bad idea.

1. It’s Prohibited by Law

Vaping simply isn’t permitted on American flights. The U.S. Department of Transportation, the FAA, and all American airlines are in agreement on this point. E-Cigarette use is being treated just like cigarette smoking onboard airplanes.

JetBlue, United Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines have all expanded their no-smoking policies to include in-flight vaping. In case you haven’t been on an airplane in the last 25 years, smoking anywhere onboard and tampering with lavatory smoke detectors is strictly prohibited and punishable by fines ranging from $2,200 to $3,300.

Oh, and don’t try and hide your e-cig in your checked luggage either. As of 2015, e-cigarette devices have to pass through security and be carried on the plane with you.

2. It Can Be Confusing & Dangerous

To many, vaping is still a novel concept. At first glance, not everyone can tell the difference between vapor and smoke and the uninitiated often transfer their negative opinions of smoking to e-cigarettes. If you’ve ever ventured into public with your E-cig, I’m sure you’ve met a few of these people.

An airplane is quite possibly the worst place to try and quell concerns about vaping. Whether someone just happens to glance at your e-cig—not knowing what that odd electronic device could possibly be – catches a glimpse of a cloud, or smells an odd odor when you emerge from the lavatory, there’s ample opportunity for confusion.

These are nervous times for the airline industry and there’s a lot to be worried about: weapons, explosives, chemicals, and disruptive behavior, just to name a few. The last thing flight attendants want to contend with at 30,000 feet is distinguishing between vapor and smoke, followed by explaining that distinction to other passengers.

When you unleash this kind of confusion, it’s a short leap from harmless puffs to massive panic. Which, is probably why the airlines have done what’s best for everyone’s safety – banned e-cig use onboard.

3. The Penalties are Steep

Still think it might be worth a shot to stealth vape on your next cross-country flight? Maybe the potential costs involved will persuade you to reconsider. It seems rule-breaking plus the volatile mass-confusion factor, equals severe consequences.

Flight attendants are trained to respond to anything like smoke as a potential fire or a diversion for a terror event. Additionally, the flight crew is required to confront anyone they suspect of participating in prohibited behavior, issue them an in-flight disturbance report, and notify authorities at the destination airport. The police or responding authorities generally get to decide for themselves if they’d like to pursue an investigation or charges, but that’s quite the gamble isn’t it?

Aside from the in-flight smoking fines mentioned above, you could face huge financial penalties or police action if your vaping causes an on-board disturbance. With fines up to $25,000 for a disruption resulting in a flight diversion, a couple of quick stealth vape on your e-cig could cost you a small fortune.

Since vaping is relatively new, there are few examples of this actually happening to anyone; however, there is a report of one man who was taken into police custody in Australia for vaping on a plane.

4. It’s Rude & Bad for the Movement

If you’re a vaper, there’s a good chance you’ve read the op-eds and heard the political rhetoric about e-cigarettes. There are lawmakers and opinion-makers who are vehemently opposed to vaping and they’re motivated to get the rest of the country on their side.

As part of the vaping community, you should want to reverse these opinions and help make e-cigarettes more socially acceptable. It should be no surprise that blatant disregard for federal rules and the safety of people around you is not the best public relations strategy.

Using your e-cig on a plane potentially puts other passengers in an awkward and uncomfortable position. Even if they know what vaping is, no one wants to be a tattletale, nor do they take too kindly to watching someone else skirt the rules. Whether you’re at your seat or monopolizing use of one of the too few lavatories on the plane, you are actively preventing other passengers from flying in comfort.

If your vaping makes others uncomfortable—and worst case scenario, unintentionally diverts the flight—do you think passengers on your plane will be more or less receptive to vaping in public places?

Trust me, I know all too well the twitchy, irritable, uncomfortable feeling that arises when you’re denied just one quick puff. Everything about air travel—the frustrating check-in process, the unending security line, the inevitable flight delays, the cramped seating, the painful search for your luggage at the end—just screams the need for a relaxing E-liquid fix.

But, when it comes to air travel, vaping is worth the wait.

Your turn: do you tuck your e-cig away and wait until you reach your destination to vape or are you an in-flight stealth vaper?

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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  • joe

    I refrain from vaping while on a plane, out of respect for those near me in close quarters.

    One can always use nicotine gum…

  • Curt Hoes

    Spot on guys! Great article!

  • angela

    great article!!

  • Alex

    Thanks for clearing things up! My behavior when it comes to vaping is a simple equation: where smoking is prohibited I do not vape either.

  • Ed T

    Good job helping vapers revisit the common sense and courtesy we should observe! This may save a few people from some awkward situations and stiff fines.

  • JUDY


    • Maza

      I’m an Aussie and I am so glad you have posted this article. ️️I do a lot of long travels as I’m an expat. Thanks for the advice on subduing the cravings. I didn’t think of putting a dab so e-liquid on my tongue. Why didn’t I think of that.

  • Roman

    Meh. With the g6, you can just hold the hit in longer, and then there’s nothing to exhale.

    • Allison Franks

      That’s what Im screaming. If you cant figure out how to get a puff or two off your device without being noticed then you shouldnt be using these things in the first place. NOT TO MENTION THAT THERE IS SMOKELESS/CLOUDLESS/DISCREET JUICE AND CARTRIDGES on the market so if you really want to MAKE SURE that its NOT GOING TO BE SEEN the just grab some of that stuff. I have used it…the flavor that I had was not great but IT WORKED GREAT. I was NOT ON A PLANE at the time however if I wanted to I could literally vape all the way from Birmingham, AL to LA and IT WOULD NEVER BE SEEN BY ANYONE!!! I constantly vape in places that I AM NOT SUPPOSED to and I have NOT ONCE BEEN TOLD NOT TO because I AM SO DISCREET ABOUT IT! Are you people kidding me…THAT WAS THE WHOLE REASON I QUIT SMOKING AND STARTED VAPING IN THE FIRST PLACE. And if you think for 2 secs that I am NOT GONNA VAPE IN MY NONSMOKING HOTEL ROOM in a week then YOU HAVE ALL LOST YOUR MINDS. Cigarettes leave a LINGERING SMELL…VAPING DOES NOT!!! Besides If I am vaping on a plane and someone smelled it they would ask me if they could have some of my Cinammon Rolls!! 🙂

  • Stacy

    Great article…..if you are a fan of control. I however, am not.

  • Steven

    I just took a flight on Southwest, and they explicitly said in their pre-flight announcements that e-cigs are not permitted. I did indeed become a stealth vaper, and did it anyway, disguising it the best I could. To my knowledge, no one noticed.

    Now that I’ve read this article, I won’t do it again.

  • ron

    e cigs are being attacked by liberals ect who hate cigarettes .they see e cigs as a way to get around them .they don’t care if they harm anyone or not the point is they don’t control what your doing they are not happy. why not have a spot on the plane to vape doesn’t hurt anyone if flights longer than a couple of hours. but libs don’t like it,but they do like pot want that to be legal even tho pot can cause cancer just like tobacco cigs can. one joint equal to about one pack of cigarettes in cancer causing agents. double standard if not to their liking the crap with you do as they say.

    • Christy

      Ron, labeling people is dangerous brother. I’m a liberal. You’re wrong.

      • Liberals=communist

        Anyone admitting to being a liberal is clearly in need of anti psychotic medication and should simply bash your head into the wall numerous times until you pose no more danger to the rest of the world capable of using their brains to think for themselves. Secondly, anyone that still believes in a 2 party system, is still in effect in this country should refer to my 1st sentence.

        • conservatives=morons

          Your statements say it all, just about conservatives. Most people who vote Republican are not in the demographic that they represent. They are misled and brainwashed by Faux news in to thinking that they are.

        • Alicia

          Hehe! Liberalism is a mental disorder. I think some people would rather see one inject narcotics than vape or smoke. Good grief! What’s next??

          • Steve

            In New York State, the guy who wants to ban all e-liquid is a right-wing Republican named Kemp Hannon. Of course he takes a lot of money from Big Pharma and the “healthcare” industry so it’s just business as usual.

    • John Becker

      Ron- you got it backwards…..It’s conservatives who hate vaping/smoking. They’re the ones who want to regulate everyone’s morals, while they feed voters the fantasy that they’ll
      be rich someday, and so, should vote for lower taxes. Rush Limbaugh couldn’t care less-performance griping is simply his show biz act.

      • Brant Dempster

        Without getting into a political argument – which you will lose. I think it quite Democrat-like of you to bring Rush Limbaugh into a thread about vaping on airplanes. I seriously doubt you’ve ever listened to Limbaugh. I’m a Conservative. I’ve listed to Limbaugh since 1992 – probably before you were even out of diapers. I seriously believe you need to get off the Bernie Sanders play book and realize exactly who, and what are trying to legislate morality and freedoms for Americans. And yes, with some hard work, and initiative, you may even find a paying job beyond the car wash someday. Name me one Republican or Conservative who has limited your freedoms of vaping or smoking…Quite frankly…you have no idea what you speak of.

    • Propaganda

      Ron, quit spreading your propaganda and lies.

  • Jake Hoeksema

    Right on!! The liberals are big on drugs but God forbid a vapor Cig. Most of this is double standard but they are setting us up for the $5 tax so they have more “wealth to redistribute”. That, my friend appears to be the ultimate goal. Mark my words..

  • Christy

    What are thoughts on discretely vaping in the airport? I have. Went to a remote area. Didn’t act like I was doing something wrong (like hacking people’s phone or something) and no one even looked at me.

  • Rev Frank

    That’s why I own my own jet. Lot more leg room, AND I can vape all I want.

    Excuse me… I need to put my boot on. It’s getting deep in here.

    In reality, I don’t fly. So…. No in flight vaping for me.

    Courtesy is the key. Others can be bothered even if it is just vapor. Imagine the cig smoker watching you vape. The monkey on his/her back would be the size of King Kong.

  • Doug

    @ron- No credible evidence that pot causes cancer. None. It’s the hundreds of chemicals added to cigarettes that do.
    I am discreet about my vaping, don’t flaunt it and respect of other peoples’ airspace and ignorance. I fly twice a week, sometimes on up to 4 different airlines per month and vape in the bathroom to avoid offending anyone, (visually). Hold the hits for 5-7 seconds, exhale downward and have never set off the detector or ever had a complaint from anyone. Just sayin’…

  • Beck

    I fly often and vape in airport and airplane lavatories. Don’t be obvious. Blow the vape into your shirt. No one will EVER be the wiser and you get your nic fix. I’ve done this thousands of times and never once had an issue, domestic or internationally. Charlotte actually sells disposable ecigs in the airport.

    The one thing I’m curious about… I do have a large tank vaporizor that I check in my luggage, I do not carry it on. There’s liquid in it, I don’t want to deal with the hassle. I’ve never had an issue checking it, and I’ve flown as recently as early May 2015. I’ve had my bag opened by TSA, but they just left a note that they had been there and no problems.

    • Roman

      I just put mine in carry-on in a ziplock along with all my other liquids.

  • Spdrmn

    I was stealth vaping on the planes in my seat back before they made the new laws. Like it’s been mentioned in earlier posts, hold it in long enough and nothing is visible when you exhale. Now I may be s little more sneaky

  • Hahahaha ok sure

    1 joint is not at all “equal” to 1 pack of cigarettes in “cancer causing agents” I don’t know where you got your fictional information from but it’s Laughable.

  • Paula

    I would rather have everyone on a plane vamping in my face than having to sit with some disgusting filthy person who leisurely farts without any humility! Suck that up your nose!

  • Chuck

    Just to clarify, e-cig liquid can go in your checked baggage, it’s just the ecig itself that you have to carry on:

    “These devices are battery powered and have a heating element that vaporizes liquid (that may or may not contain nicotine). Though not specifically prohibited in checked baggage by US or international regulations, the FAA strongly recommends that these devices only be carried in the aircraft cabin (in carry-on baggage or on your person). Please also check your airline’s policy as they may place additional restrictions on these devices.”

    (per )

  • esther

    Thanks for the heads-up! I WILL NOT do that again while in-flight. It seemed cool at the time but a huge fine is not cool at all and not worth it. Thanks again.

  • Ted

    I look at vaping in an airplane lavatory this way: If they can’t see you, there is no odor and it doesn’t set off the smoke detector then you are safe. How could they possibly prove that you are vaping?