Four Reasons NOT to Stealth Vape on a Plane

Four Reasons NOT to Stealth Vape on a Plane

It’s a universal law of human nature: When you can’t have it, you want it even more. Evidence in point: the airplane. You know you’re not supposed to vape onboard, but as soon as you take your seat, it’s all you can think about. So can you take e-cigarettes on a plane? Yes. But you can’t vape.  With Internet tales of sneaking puffs in the bathroom and disguising exhaled vapor in the seats, it seems that many e-cig enthusiasts are tempted to stealth vape on a flight. But stealth vaping on a plane is one very scary, bad idea.

1. It’s Prohibited by Law

Vaping simply isn’t permitted on American flights. The U.S. Department of Transportation, the FAA, and all American airlines are in agreement on this point. E-Cigarette use is being treated just like cigarette smoking onboard airplanes.

JetBlue, United Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines have all expanded their no-smoking policies to include in-flight vaping. In case you haven’t been on an airplane in the last 25 years, smoking anywhere onboard and tampering with lavatory smoke detectors is strictly prohibited and punishable by fines ranging from $2,200 to $3,300.

Oh, and don’t try and hide your e-cig in your checked luggage either. As of 2015, e-cigarette devices have to pass through security and be carried on the plane with you.

2. It Can Be Confusing & Dangerous

To many, vaping is still a novel concept. At first glance, not everyone can tell the difference between vapor and smoke and the uninitiated often transfer their negative opinions of smoking to e-cigarettes. If you’ve ever ventured into public with your E-cig, I’m sure you’ve met a few of these people.

An airplane is quite possibly the worst place to try and quell concerns about vaping. Whether someone just happens to glance at your e-cig—not knowing what that odd electronic device could possibly be – catches a glimpse of a cloud, or smells an odd odor when you emerge from the lavatory, there’s ample opportunity for confusion.

These are nervous times for the airline industry and there’s a lot to be worried about: weapons, explosives, chemicals, and disruptive behavior, just to name a few. The last thing flight attendants want to contend with at 30,000 feet is distinguishing between vapor and smoke, followed by explaining that distinction to other passengers.

When you unleash this kind of confusion, it’s a short leap from harmless puffs to massive panic. Which, is probably why the airlines have done what’s best for everyone’s safety – banned e-cig use onboard.

3. The Penalties are Steep

Still think it might be worth a shot to stealth vape on your next cross-country flight? Maybe the potential costs involved will persuade you to reconsider. It seems rule-breaking plus the volatile mass-confusion factor, equals severe consequences.

Flight attendants are trained to respond to anything like smoke as a potential fire or a diversion for a terror event. Additionally, the flight crew is required to confront anyone they suspect of participating in prohibited behavior, issue them an in-flight disturbance report, and notify authorities at the destination airport. The police or responding authorities generally get to decide for themselves if they’d like to pursue an investigation or charges, but that’s quite the gamble isn’t it?

Aside from the in-flight smoking fines mentioned above, you could face huge financial penalties or police action if your vaping causes an on-board disturbance. With fines up to $25,000 for a disruption resulting in a flight diversion, a couple of quick stealth vape on your e-cig could cost you a small fortune.

Since vaping is relatively new, there are few examples of this actually happening to anyone; however, there is a report of one man who was taken into police custody in Australia for vaping on a plane.

4. It’s Rude & Bad for the Movement

If you’re a vaper, there’s a good chance you’ve read the op-eds and heard the political rhetoric about e-cigarettes. There are lawmakers and opinion-makers who are vehemently opposed to vaping and they’re motivated to get the rest of the country on their side.

As part of the vaping community, you should want to reverse these opinions and help make e-cigarettes more socially acceptable. It should be no surprise that blatant disregard for federal rules and the safety of people around you is not the best public relations strategy.

Using your e-cig on a plane potentially puts other passengers in an awkward and uncomfortable position. Even if they know what vaping is, no one wants to be a tattletale, nor do they take too kindly to watching someone else skirt the rules. Whether you’re at your seat or monopolizing use of one of the too few lavatories on the plane, you are actively preventing other passengers from flying in comfort.

If your vaping makes others uncomfortable—and worst case scenario, unintentionally diverts the flight—do you think passengers on your plane will be more or less receptive to vaping in public places?

Trust me, I know all too well the twitchy, irritable, uncomfortable feeling that arises when you’re denied just one quick puff. Everything about air travel—the frustrating check-in process, the unending security line, the inevitable flight delays, the cramped seating, the painful search for your luggage at the end—just screams the need for a relaxing E-liquid fix.

But, when it comes to air travel, vaping is worth the wait.

Your turn: do you tuck your e-cig away and wait until you reach your destination to vape or are you an in-flight stealth vaper?

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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