Forget the Rest, Here’s the Real Oktoberfest

Forget the Rest, Here’s the Real Oktoberfest

Beer served in real liter glasses. Brews you can’t get anywhere else. Pretzels so big you could use them as steering wheels. Bier fraus. Lederhosen. Oompah bands. Oktoberfest — the original one — is about to begin in Munich (München), Bavaria, and runs through October 3. Whether or not you’re going, we know you’ll enjoy this peek at the world’s most popular haus-party.

Oktoberfest Fakts and Figures

It’s common for more than 7 million liters (1.85 million gallons) of beer to be consumed each year at Oktoberfest.

There are over a dozen main tents, each serving a different kind of beer, and dozens of smaller tents.

Seating is available to accommodate 119,000 people!

One liter of beer can knock you back 10.95€ (about $13), so you may want to remember that when you start knocking them back.

Beer is served until 10:30 p.m., when the night is still young by U.S. standards, so get started early.

The Oktoberfest grounds measure about five acres. That’s a lot of room for beer drinking!

A 500-year-old law ensures the quality of Bavarian beers, including all of Oktoberfest’s finest. (Thanks, Duke William IV!)

Of course, there is more to enjoy than beer …


Pretzels, pork dishes, potatoes, pastries. Pizza? It’s appropriate that many of the foods start with the letter “P.” At least in English they do. “P” is the operative word and letter at this beerfest, because all that beer means a lot of, well, pee. But seriously, there are many food selections to go along with the beer. German menus are typically a sausage-fest, but there are some vegetarian options, too.


Live music. Parades. A Ferris wheel and other attractions. Costumed folk dancers. And one of the last remaining flea circuses in the world. (That one requires a close look.) Plenty of entertainment is always on tap at Oktoberfest, even after the beer stops flowing.

Mißcellaneouß Matterß

Celebrate Mass! That’s what they call a liter of beer at Oktoberfest. And though this isn’t one of those desert festivals, it is important to stay hydrated when drinking beer, so have lots of water in between each Mass. Public smoking is allowed only in designated areas at Oktoberfest and throughout Bavaria, so this may apply to vaping as well. Some things to keep in mind.

If you’re attending Oktoberfest this year, we raise our full Mass to you. “Prost!”


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