Enjoying the Full Coachella Experience

Enjoying the Full Coachella Experience

The shows are underway. The musical artists are amazing. Lady Gaga! Kendrick Lamar! Radiohead (who eventually got sound problems under control to deliver a stellar set)!

But Coachella isn’t just a series of great concerts — it’s a sensory experience that’s well worth at least one more blog post. It’s where you can blow your mind with provocative, exclusive works of art, see how much fun living sustainably can be, sleep under the stars, and enjoy some tasty eats. Let’s take a closer look:

Start With Art

Creativity goes well beyond the stage at Coachella, with influential non-musical artists displaying their work every year. Eye-catching, large-scale installations are a given. No big yellow chairs this year, but there are big brown bears, lots of yellow balloons, and some new surprises. You’ll just have to see this stuff to understand.

You also get the chance to craft your own masterpieces at a hands-on art station in the camping area. All the materials are supplied for you! Just grab a seat and get creative.

Get Down to Earth

Sustainability is a powerful word. And here are four more: “Polar Bear Dating Game.” Only at Coachella, folks. Answer a couple of questions correctly and you could enjoy some special one-on-one time with a person in a polar bear suit. (It’s a wonder anyone can sustain wearing a furry polar bear costume in the desert. THAT is dedication!)

But you do also get two guest backstage passes, and no, you don’t have to give the other one to the polar bear.

Apart from endangered species, Coachella gives the spotlight to responsible living practices like recycling, ride-sharing (“Carpoolchella”), and more. Check them out!

Pitch a Tent

If sustainability is your passion, Mother Nature applauds you. And the on-site campgrounds give you the chance to commune with her and thousands of fellow Coachella attendees before, between, and after the music sets. They’re also the best place on the site to vape your favorite juice.

But don’t get the impression you’ll be sleeping in BFE; the camping area has free Wi-Fi, showers, water refill stations, toilets, markets, and a lot more. It’s not your father’s campground. Unless you bring him to Coachella. In which case, “Aww, how sweet!”

Dig In

Coachella may take place in a desert, but there’s definitely no drought of food nor drink. More like an oasis of 100+ vendors, with virtually every individual taste, dietary restriction, and food allergy considered.

Break gluten-free bread with new friends. Go vegan or full paleo. Binge on comfort food. Knock back some craft beers. If you can’t find something to eat at Coachella, you may be more demanding than some of the headliners that perform at the festival.

The musical artists may always be the main attraction at Coachella, but be sure to explore the other aspects of the festival as well! There’s a lot more going on under that desert sky.

Stoked for the shows? Our exclusive Halo Coachella 2017 Playlist, featuring all the top performers, is the next best thing to early admission!

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