E-Liquid Picks of the Season: Winter

E-Liquid Picks of the Season: Winter

Just as people are used to having warm, comforting dishes during the frigid winter months, vapers turn to e-liquids with heavy aftertastes to offer their palates a cozy, extra aromatic spiciness. Yes, these flavors are definitely ripe for the vaping but let’s break the stereotype. Whether your location allows you to don a swimsuit poolside or requires you to shovel snow off your driveway, chances are your local supermarket will carry the same selection of produce. Although we don’t claim to be Master Farmers, our favorite e-liquids were inspired by actual fruits’ ripe for the taking this winter season. Unlike real fruits, you have the luxury of enjoying these mouthwatering fruity e-juices year-round. Here are our [fruit] picks of the season!

Tangerine Swirl

Fill your tanks with the brilliant flavor of pure, ripe tangerine infused with the sweetness of a creamy vanilla ice pop. Your taste buds will thank you.

Tangerine Swirl’s formula is constructed in a way that offers just the right hint of sweetness, and even though, most fruity flavors out there tend to have an artificial taste, this bona fide eVo juice is truly one of a kind.

We can all agree, sometimes less is more, and that’s just the case with Tangerine Swirl’s simple recipe. It’s not a complex e-liquid that resembles the flavor of an actual orange, but is an e-liquid of discreet beauty that offers the quintessential fruity disposition a vaper needs. People all over the world, like Alex, are buzzing about Tangerine Swirl. Here’s what he had to say:

“This has been my favorite flavor thus far in the fruit section. It isn’t too sweet but is so smooth and has the perfect amount of orange-bite to it. I only bought the 10mL this time, but I plan to get a 30mL from now on.”

Even though Tangerine Swirl’s tactful tartness makes for a powerful vaping juice, you may want to try the next option too, so keep reading.


For those who enjoy the heavenly taste of Key lime pie, one puff of this extraordinary gourmet eVo e-liquid will take you to the bistros of Key West.

Don’t be fooled by its smell. After the first breath of Limelight, you will definitely experience the tart burst of fresh Key lime pie. Although citrusy e-liquids usually leave a bitter aftertaste, Limelight is subtle, giving vapers a more authentic lime experience. It provides one of the strongest throat hits found in a fruity juice, and the excellent vapor production is far better than expected from an e-liquid of its kind. The only way to describe this citrus blend is truly unique. Even skeptics have found themselves to be pleasantly surprised with Limelight’s remarkable flavor. Take Vanessa, whose review says it all:

“We were only a few dollars short of getting free shipping, so I left it up to my husband to decide on one more flavor, and he chose the Limelight. I was skeptical and didn’t think I would like it at all, but it is amazing! It tastes just like a lime-flavored otter pop! I was afraid when I first smelled it because it resembled some kind of cleaning liquid but was pleased to find that it did not taste like that at all! In general, I love Halo’s new line of fruity flavors. They are not sickeningly sweet like many other brands of fruity flavored e-liquids I have tried—many are super sweet with just a hint of flavor. But of the three Halo brand flavors I have tried, all have all been very full-flavored as though I am eating dessert. I would give this ten stars if I could. I even got one of my friend’s hooked—great job!”

So regardless of where you call home, Limelight is most definitely a perfect all-day vape this winter.

Golden Kiwi

Although not a well-known fact, most kiwi fruits harvest during the autumn months making winter the prime season to get in your kiwi fix. eVo’s Golden Kiwi truly captures the distinct taste of an actual kiwifruit. The flavor is an incredible mix of sweet and tart matching the elation of trying freshly sliced kiwi for the first time. Golden Kiwi’s infectious aroma is excellent for vaping all day long—and not only if you are just a fruity-flavor fan. As YouTuber DJLsB Vapes explains:

Pure Pomegranate

Rounding out our picks for the winter season is eVo’s invigorating Pure Pomegranate e-liquid. This crisp flavor is comparable to fresh unrefined pomegranate juice. Like most juices found in Nicopure’s eVo line, the vapor production is out of this world; however, Pure Pomegranate has a very smooth and mild throat hit making it an obvious all-day vape. As more and more vapers look to broaden their flavor selections, the consensus is Pure Pom equals nom nom! Here are just a couple of users raving about their Pure Pomegranate experience:

“I almost didn’t order this, because another vendor’s Pomegranate tasted like perfume. Out of the 5 flavors I recently purchased from Halo, Pure Pomegranate is my favorite. It is smooth, perfectly sweet and delicious on the exhale. Good job Halo!”—Cat

“After reading some reviews, I thought I would try this and the Apple Pom Smoothie. Out of the two, this one is definitely my favorite. It doesn’t leave you with cotton mouth and there isn’t a hard hit at all! I love how smooth the flavor is, without being too sweet or too tangy. I would definitely suggest this to anyone wanting to venture into the fruit flavors that Halo provides. It’s a great introduction, with a bold flavor that you really can vape all day long. Thank you, Halo!”—Ronnie

Now, it’s your turn to try epic eVo fruit-flavored picks of the winter! What is your personal pick of the season? Let us know in the comments below and help your fellow vapers maximize their experience. Happy vaping!

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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